2019 Fall October 8 Tuesday

47 degrees this morning, 81% humidity.

Yesterday was nice, high of 73 degrees.                                  

Didn’t exercise again, trying to make sure I am rid of whatever I have or had.

Trying some new medicine, I am tempted to resume the old medicine and see how that works.  

Tire warning light on the tires on the car I drive  lit up because of the tires losing air because of the cooler weather   I took it to the dealer and kind of felt like a race car driving in the pits as my tires were aired up and I waited for the thumbs up signal!  I didn’t squeal the tires too much as I pulled out!

Of courses it was somewhat slower than the 2.5 seconds they change 4 tires and fill up with gas for a Formula 1 car!  I see them do it that fast and still can’t believe it.

Basically in Formula 1 racing, the car is jacked up as they change 4 tires and fill it with gas.  How they do tin 2.5 seconds is beyond me.  The record is 1.8 seconds. 

They have the tires in little coats or sweaters to keep them warm, I assume.  They really have to have a lot of coordination to make it work.  

Checked the airfare for our vacation yesterday morning and found the airfare had dropped 25%, so I cancelled the flight under the 24 hour window.  Unfortunately before I could purchase the reduced tickets they jacked the prices up again.  (It is down about 10% from last night this morning).  

Something rather bizarre about that, I think I’ll start using another airline.  Something is sick about a company that does that, that has to play such stupid  games.  They ought to call it “screw the customer” because that’s the attitude they give.

My work computer (which is a Dell with Microsoft operating software) seems to be developing the habit of the “forced upgrades” and then different programs don’t sync after they update.  Frustrating to say the least, especially when I lose a lot of time during a very busy periods trying to get it working correctly.  

Not that the Apply system doesn’t  have similar problems. What is irritating about it is the way it nags you to shut down and  update  just as you open it up when you don’t want to have to wait for a long “update” time.

Again, I am amazed at the ignorance and childish lies and threats by the lying coward lunatic.  Running around squealing about how members of congress should be “impeached”, merely because they tell the truth about his lies, corruption and criminal behavior  Of course, members of congress can’t be impeached.  Certainly pointing out the corruption and criminal behavior a corrupt insane President it hardly treason.  Today it is being a hero among cowards.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 8, 2019.  

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