2019 Fall October 9 Wednesday

64 degrees this morning,64% humidity wind 15 mph.  Raining this morning.  

Excellent day yesterday, temperature up to 77 degrees high. 

Rode the bicycle outside to kind of kickstart my exercise again.  Rode 25:30 minutes at a slow speed.  Getting used to wind , etc.  Getting back into exercise again.  Not really sick, but coughing etc. was worse than when “normal”.

Watching a story about #moscowmitch.   I have to wonder about a system that lets anyone, much less someone like this, have such power.  Obviously something evil about him.

It just isn’t him, it is the system that allows someone who is so evil and  incompetent to block needed legislation from even being heard.  Disgraceful.

Also watched a story about the Flint Michigan water crisis.  I wasn’t aware of a lot of the details involved.  It was (and is) a very tragic event.  Watching it, because of my past career, I was somewhat familiar with a lot of processes.  

Again, I felt like it was the danger of imposing “business” practices on government.  They are completely separate  Not that government (and business) practices can’t  be improved, but someone with just a business background who won’t listen (with the emphasis on not listening) is a recipe for a disaster.  

I’ll need to update myself on the Flint, Michigan crisis just from a city management process.  I expect there are key points where a decision was made that could have avoided the crisis.

I didn’t realize how the “color” had gone out of the landscaping for the season until the “pumpkins” came out and really added some color, as well as mums and similar plants.  

Starting to get “spam texts’ on one of my phones.  It seems that I get a text that I know is trash, and then I get another text from someone to “quit harassing me”.  I’m not sure if my number was being hijacked or it was someone trying to get me to respond.  Of course I never respond to that kind of message if I don’t know the sender.  

Anyway, I did find it is easy to block text messages, almost as easy as blocking phone numbers on the phone. 

One thing I like about Facebook is it is easy to “block” someone.  I realize it is good to hear different opinions, but some of the opinions expressed on the internet, I really don’t care to see. 

Today may be the “last’ day of the Major League Baseball season for us.  The last two teams we follow my be eliminated today, or may win!  While we like baseball, I’m not sure if we will watch the teams left play or not.  Depends on what else we have to do. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 9, 2019. 

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