2019 Fall October 10 Thursday

72 degrees this morning 76%  humidity, wind 22 mph

Cold morning yesterday, Raining, didn’t walk yesterday.  

Another squibb about air fares and then I’ll quit talking about it since it just makes me angry and I can’t do anything about it.  During the last 3 days (counting Sunday night), the cost FOR THE SAME FLIGHT have varied as much as 50%. 

I realize you don’t “have” to buy flight tickets, but realistically  you have too.  It seems to me the airlines are being very irresponsible.

Actually, by checking so often I am probably causing the fares to increase since it appears there is more “demand” than there really is! 

Back to the Newsletter I recently mentioned, the author proposes a technique he calls “Emperor Analysis” (in additional to technical and fundamental factors).  

His concept of “emperor” is that the modern President is like an “Emperor” who can, acting on a whim, or whatever, can nullify all technical and fundamental factors.  

He emphasizes “any” President has been given way too much power by Congress (true).

(These are my thoughts on this after reading the Newslettter):  When you have an insecure president completely delusional and living in an ivory tower where he ignores his appointees and takes advice from a bunch of sicko’s on a cable news channel, you have a real problem with someone thinking they are an “Emperor”, who can do no wrong etc.   

Couple that with an immature, insecure lying coward, who can’t listen at all, and we have major problems, in my opinion.

He mentions the psychological study of politics may be valuable.

He mentions “The Federalist Papers”.  Frankly, I will pass on reading that again, maybe read a summary sometime to catch up on my understanding.  

While he doesn’t say this, it is worst when a bunch of cowards are unable to set up “guardrails” and stop the a lying coward lunatic who has lost all senses of decency and ability to act in the public interest rather than his own self-interest and paranoiac delusions.  

He also mentions “Psychological-Political Analysis”By Leites and Marviick.  It is a psychological study of politics.  Certainly right now the “psychological” aspects of  politics is important.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 10, 2019.



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