2019 Fall October 12 Sunday

34 degrees this morning,78% humidity “feels like 29 degrees”

Yesterday was cold high of 56 degrees.  Cold, but not extreme although it is supposed to freeze today.

Another weekend, it seems strange to be already writing October 12 etc  2019 has flown by.  I am not really ready for cold weather.  At least it isn’t snowing!

The earliest snow I can remember in this area is on Halloween, which is a ways away yet!  

Didn’t try to walk or bicycle outside yesterday, and won’t today.   I know I will have to get adjusted to the cold weather, but I am going to do it gradually and see what happens with my cough.

Still watching the air fare for our Winter vacation, at some point I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy the tickets.  I will always resent it if I buy the tickets and they reduce the price.  One thing about Southwest Air, if this happens, I can just cancel the tickets and buy the cheaper tickets.  This Airline, I think it is a $200 penalty, which is a lot.

No matter what, I resent the arrogance of the airlines in the pricing practices, the baggage fees , etc. 

Been having a lot of wild dreams lately, but I don’t remember them long enough to record them, just that they are wild. 

I am ready to get re-started on my “Personal Strategic Plan”.  Not that I have been ignoring it, but I have been pondering it.  

I think it is a matter of I hate to invest time in something that isn’t a priority.  I am amazed at how little “flexible” time I have.  Actually, I have it, I just have to decide how to use my time.  

I really think that “wasting” time isn’t always a “waste,” it can be the opportunity to think and I feel some “wasted time” is valuable.  

Totally disgusted with the lying coward lunatic and his chronic lying, the not just unpresidential, but the inhuman low-life  behavior he shows as he squeals is lies and threats that anyone else would be arrested and jailed for. 

I have to wonder, who is paying for the lying coward lunatic to have all of these “rallies”.  Between his “rallies” and his wasting tax $ to support his golf courses, he doesn’t do much work, which may well be good.

I am just amazed that the coward congress continues to kiss his boots and bend over for him when he is obviously a traitor and a criminal and is using the position  to try to build his empire and let his children run wild stealing money based on their relationship.  Sick.  

Hopefully peopled will start seeing this lying coward lunatic criminal for the sub-insect thing he is. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 12, 2019.


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