2019 Fall October 13 Sunday

48 degrees this morning, 48% humidity.

Yesterday , cool most of day, high around 68 degrees coolish, but not cold all day.   Started off at about 34 degrees and then warmed up during the day.

Read some information about “grass” lawns this morning.  As I have noted previously, I feel all the attention on grass lawns wastes a lot of water and time,, in trying to keep a non-native grass green in the height of Summer.  It seems like a substantial waste of money and time.

I hadn’t thought before reading the article that other considerations are the “green lawns,” don’t provide any food or service for humans, nor does it provide any food or service to animals. 

In fact, it is worse, since “green grass” and the extensive landscaping takes a substantial amount of land away from producing food and cover for animals and humans.  

Also, of course, the fertilizer creases environmental problems to water supplies , etc.   

Makes you wonder why we (including me) waste so much time, money, water , etc., on lawns.  

It seems if a City or local government should take the time and effort to encourage HOA’s, homeowners, rental units , etc., to reduce the use of water, labor, etc spent on green lawns and landscaping and consider alternatives to this waste of time and resources.   

I can’t even imagine what our HOA spends on landscaping.  Kind of a vicious circle, they spend a lot of money on watering and then it grows so fast, and then they spend a lot of money (and I mean LOTS of money) cutting the grass!  

Sometime, somehow this circle is going to have to be broken and I think it will take government and private businesses  getting involved and providing guidance on alternative landscaping.  I am not suggesting it be forced on people, just that an alternative be encouraged.

I assume the one good thing to all of this is the people who enjoy the activity as a hobby.  

Soon I will need to replace my reliable but obsolete  MacBook Air.  I haven’t heard any information on  any upgrades.  While it has been running fine, I know one day it will simply not start.  I will give it another month for the upgrade.

It isn’t doing bad, it just doesn’t run some of the latest programs well and also the battery is getting worn out.  Not bad for over six years old!  

My new ew iPhone is supposed to arrive Monday.  I’ll get it set up before I worry too much about  new MacBook Air.     

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 13, 2019 

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