2019 Fall October 14 Monday

55 degrees this morning, 74% humidity 

Overall wonderful day yesterday after coolish early morning. High of 77 degrees.

Walk 27:16 minutes yesterday, 9 seconds faster than goal.  Swim 19:25 minutes.  Best of all, I coughed very little.

The Doctor recently changed some of my medicine.  Too early to determine if it is helping or not, although in the short term it seems to be helping. 

Getting ready for short vacation, taking a vacation instead of going to a conference I have gone too for over 35 years.  Time and life change.  I didn’t really see any big reason to go to the conference this year. 

I am busy preparing and planning for our vacation.  One thing I really enjoy about traveling/vacations is preparing and planning it!

I have learned through experience not to over plan activities, to leave plenty of “hang out” time, since you can always find something to do if you want and normally things take longer than you expect.  

We have planned a variety of activities with plenty of “flex time” for activities depending on how we feel that day. 

Somehow October seems to be moving slowly, until I look back and realize it is already October 14! 

The lying coward lunatic now has a new title-murderer as he double-crossed the Kurds, probably to get a hotel deal or something in Turkey.  His behavior is simply unbelievable, and will damage the United States for years,  or permanently if anyone believes someone like him could get elected again.  

What is almost worst is the coward congress who are letting him get by with it, and coward toadies like Barr who is not doing his job, but rather boot licking a traitor lying coward lunatic who is abusing the position of president for his own enrichment and purposes.  


I finally cancelled by Wall Street Journal subscription, since I just won’t support, even with a penny, the owner of the so called “fox news”.  The fox “news casters” are really just the lying coward lunatic’s boot lickers, they are so caught up in their own power by the lunatic idiot  who listens to them all the time, they have lost all perspective of what a news station, or even a human being is supposed to be.  

Haven’t seen the “skunk” around or seen (or smelled) any sign of it around our house thank goodness.  

Slowly finishing the “Great Course” on biology.  Some of it has been wonderful, information that has been really interesting  Other parts I have had a harder time listening to and really  grasping what he is saying.  No big deal either way, I have learned enough to make it worth the while to listen to it.  

I am thinking of starting to learn Spanish by listening to a language tape while I am walking and listening to a station like CNN Spanish while I am driving for work.  Maybe I want this (learning Spanish or other language) to be too easy!  I picked Spanish since that is what I took in high school and college, plus this is a major language around here also.  

We listen to fiction when we drive places and there is about 4 of our favorite authors coming out over the next few weeks, so we are looking forward to listening!  We ma have to make up places to go just so we can listen!  

That’s it for now, Monday, October 14, 2019.  

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