2019 Fall October 15 Tuesday

 67 degrees this morning, 94% humidity 

Another beautiful, if cool, day.  81 degrees high.

Walk 27:38 minutes, pace was 2 seconds less than goal.

We recently learned a lesson about medical supply companies and credit cards. 

First, although it is easy to do, we learned never provide any company with access to your credit card.  While it may mean it is easier to provide a credit card, we will never do so with a medical company and probably never for any company.  

The medical company  even had some kind of clause (in a ten page “agreement” of small print)  that they could charge “any credit card” even one used just to pay a bill.  This means that if we paid a bill with a credit card, the company has the right to charge anything to it in the future without our permission!  

They didn’t bother to turn claims into the insurance and then proceeded to bill the credit card, which to me is fraud.  

Unfortunately, the credit card wimped out on their “no responsibility for unauthorized charges”  and advised that since we had given them the credit card number, they could charge anything to the card.  I really don’t believe that, I think they just didn’t want to deal with it. 

We are also not going to do any more “automatic shipments”.  It may be convenient but somehow they seem to start missing shipments, or short changing them, or charging for them before they turn them into insurance. 

Of course the most famous scam on “automatic” payments is that they jack up the price without telling you.   

Again, I have to think about the “government should be run like a business” quotes.  I don’t think people would care for the results.  

Still waiting for my new iPhone to arrive. I got a message it had been shipped, so I have been watching the doorway close.  I don’t know what they do if it doesn’t arrive, but I don’t want to have to hassle with it!

Waiting for the latest Stephen King book to arrive at the library.  I haven’t read him quite as faithfully as I have I past years, but his latest book sounds good.  When he is good, he is great, when he is not good, it is a waste of time to read his books.

Of course, I have to realize that frequently whether I like a book or not depends on my mood and may not always reflect on how good or bad the book is.  That is one reason I do try to give the book a chance before I quit reading it.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 15, 2019. 

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