2019 Fall October 17 Thursday

48 degrees this morning, 69% humidity ]

Yesterday was another wonderful day, although a little cool in the shade.  High of 67 degrees

Met someone the other day that I had worked with (in separate cities) years ago.  Enjoyed talking with him.  It is always interesting to meet someone after some years and see how things turned out.

I think that is one of the attractions of Facebook is that you can keep up with people you knew, worked with , etc.,  (and you can block the ones you don’t want to remember)!.  

That is probably one of the attractions of Class Reunions also, the chance to catch up with people you have known in the past.

Got my new iPhone operating.  A lot of very nice improvements.  I was surprised at how fast I got used to not having a “control button,” but just handle it with swipes.  It only took a short time to get the new sim card.  I’m not sure why Apple charges $124 (or something like that) to have it arrive with the sim card in it.

It is a lot faster than my current (now ex) iPhone.  I bought the same type case (id/credit card case).  I saw one of the “flat wallets” recently and was impressed by it.  I don’t like to have a bulging wallet.  

I decided to sell the old iPhone.  Not a lot of money, but I have enough iPhones that have been changed to music or audio devices , etc.  

Still have the “Echo Auto,” I haven’t installed it yet.  I had it basically installed, it is just the signal isn’t that strong in the garage, so I will need to connect it somewhere else.  

Watching a “Frontline” about a long term crime that had continued for years, even though basically everyone knew it.  Even though all the signs were there there was an attitude that people who came forward were punished.  

I think there is a lot of similar actions in more minor cases of bad behavior being tolerated because someone doesn’t want to mess with it or whatever.

Eventually someone does speak up and it provides the incentive for others to come forward and the crime is confronted and taken care of.

I don’t know where “Frontline” gets their information, or rather how they get the information and get people to talk  

Soon it will be Halloween and then Thanksgiving (and then Christmas, New Year)!  One good thing is many of the decorations can be used for both Thanksgiving and Fall!

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 17, 2019

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