2019 Fall October 18 Friday

54 degrees this morning, 57% humidity

Yesterday was coolish with a high of 77 degrees. 

The new Stephen King book came to the library right on time!  It sounds interesting, of course never know until I read it.  It is going to take some time to eat it.  I should have more time over the next several dayys.

While I like reading “physical books” and papers, I have come to like the on-line versions also.  They are lighter and sometimes easier to read.

The one problem (at least for the ones I have) is I can’t read them in the bathtub, although I understand there is some that are essentially water proof.

I don’t really care for the formatting by the online versions.  Some of them try to be too much like a “paper” edition and end up with the worse of both worlds.  

Probably it is something everyone needs to play with and, hopefully by creativity develop an on-line edition that takes advantage of the “on-line’ part.  

The lying coward lunatic is publicly stealing  tax dollars by selecting his insect infested failing “resort” for the world conference.  Obviously a violation of the constitution and literally theft by the lying coward lunatic and his cowering toadies.

How anyone can support this criminal is beyond me.  He has lost any perceptive and is publicly confessing to looting tax dollars to “investigate” his political rivals and publicly stealing tax $ for his insect infested “resort” that is failing that time of year  

I think the congressional cowards are not only cowards but also criminals for letting the lying coward lunatic continue to steal tax $ for himself.  They have crossed the line and are now committing a crime by covering a crime.

Learning more about my new iPhone.  It really has a lot of wonderful features. I really never thought I would like I so much.  Much of it is very institutive, just like the first iPhones were.  Much of it is natural gestures that are easy to learn.  

I also have an “old” phone I use for work and I am sure I will need to seriously look at which phone I am using.  While they are much the same, there are a number of major differences.  

Still checking the air fares for our inner vacation, so far it is still just hanging there. It is kind of a scary game, because everything could go up up or it could decrease so fast.

That’s it for now, Friday, October 18, 2019

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