2019 Fall October 19 Saturday

55 Degrees this morning, 16% humidity 

Beautiful day yesterday, high of 76 degrees.  The 16% humidity isn’t a typo, it really is 16% humidity here!  

First day of vacation. Somehow, you (or at least I), forget how long it can take when you are on vacation and have to wait for different events etc.  

I recently read where the electrical outages in California (when the power company shut off electricity to help prevent forest fires) is a major impetus for solar power. 

As I have written before, I really think there should be major research into batteries etc. so we can decentralize power distribution.  Using a battery to power individual homes would be a major start.  Probably individual solar , etc., could also be part of the package.

I don’t have any idea how it would work, I just think it is so important to do so.  When I hear of a major outage etc., I wonder if “this time” is the time they aren’t going to be able to get the electricity back on. 

The  costs of even a short term electric outage can be high and I really don’t understand why more research and action isn’t being taken to resolve the potential problem.

I assume a lot of the “hacking” by foreign governments is towards our electrical system, maybe just next to our monetary system, since loss of electricity could be so damaging.  

It may well be that the corporations that control electricity distribution (and the other companies that benefit from it) contribute so much money to politicians, that any research into research that would hurt the status quo won’t happen until an absolute disaster happens and people realize we have to do something no matter what.  

Another problem of the same type is housing construction.  I read that so many of the housing builders have “merged” etc. that they now control he market and are building higher costs (that is higher profits to themselves) and building less housing, especially “affordable housing”.   

Again, as long as the “big profits” are used to “donate” to politicians, the problem will never be solved.  

It seems many of our problems are created by our system fo having to have “big money” to even run in local elections.  They just can’t do it, unless someone who is making “big money” from the current situation contributes.

No matter what anyone says, I have seen the  effects of “donations” and it is scary to think of the power of some of the “super rich” and the big corporations who basically have unlimited funds to buy politicians.  

With unlimited funds to run misleading, or even outright lying ads, I’m not sure how we are going to change things except continued education of citizens.  

Of course that is why the “big money” and politicians are doing everything possible to gerrymander voting districts and prevent people from voting by cutting the number of voting areas, tying to limit assistance to potential voters etc.

I don’t know where this is all leading, but I have a feeling it is’t good.

That’s  it for now, Saturday, October 19, 2019.

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