2019 Fall October 26 Saturday

44 degrees this morning, 100% humidity

Rain all day yesterday (usually not hard, just continuous) and cold weather, so another miserable day.  Like the weather is trying to show us how good we had it on vacation!

One of the big disappointments of our vacation was I missed a chance to ride in a Lyft “self driving car”.  It would come up as available and then we would be asked to walk several blocks to the pickup , etc., while Uber would come right to us. 

It was “self driving,” but also had two “non-driving” safety persons on board.  

Maybe since it couldn’t figure out where we were, maybe it is just as well we didn’t ride it.  Who knows where we would have ended up.

Anyway, I would really like to have had the experience!  

We had some interesting Uber rides, fortunately not that interesting.  

Probably the most interesting driving was the driver on our Hoover Dam/Boulder City, Grand Canyon tour.  He talked literally all the way up there and much of the way back.  Fortunately he was very interesting and a wealth of information and facts about the area.  

One side stop we made was to see the “big horned sheep” in Boulder City.  They come down from the mountain to graze in city park.  I hope I got some good pictures of them.  They were very docile, but also would walk away if you got too close.  

Another rather depressing fact was the amount of water level the Hoover Dam has dropped (primarily due to excessive water withdrawals for things such as keeping grass green).  It is actually to the point that if the water level drops just a few more feet, it won’t be enough to power the hydro generators, that generate electricity.  That is scary. 

Actually due to the shortage of water, there are very few “grass” lawns in the area, primarily due to water conservation rules, and I assume the cost of water.   

I also walked up to the new “bridge’ over the Hoover Dam.  I didn’t walk out on it, but I walked up too it.  

As I have noted previously, I will need to get on organizing my photos before I forget what they are!  Of course, one of the goals of photos is to help you remember so that shouldn’t be a problem.  

My first stop will be to simply try to eliminate the pictures that aren’t that good, and then organize the ones that are left.

I realized watching the World Series, although we may favor one team, it isn’t near as passionate as we feel about “our” teams when they lose or win.  

I plan on organizing them in chronological order, it probably will point out areas where I wished I had taken more pictures.


One thing I did learn from the trip, the iPhone has a wonderful camera (or cameras).  

Rain appears to have stopped this morning, although some drizzle continues.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 26, 2019.

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