2019 Fall October 27 Sunday

50 degrees this morning,  72% humidity 

Generally nice day after two days of rain and cold.  Still cool (High of 65 degrees), but sunny.

My poor MacBook Air has a cord that is frayed and that I kind of hope it charges each time, plus the battery time is getting shorter and shorter. 

I am trying to hold off until on or about November 16, since then I basically don’t pay for it until January of 2020, which has some small advantages as far as cash flow, but not really anything major.  Just one of the credit  card games I play.

Apple doesn’t charge the credit card until a product ships, so I actually can order it in early November. 

I have looked at the new MacBook Air and was very impressed.  I really don’t believe there will be an upgrade this year.  

Swim about 18 minutes yesterday morning, didn’t walk, still raining.  It was nice to swim again.

Listening to the latest John Grisham book and he really reinforces my feelings about “private prisons” and the “expert witness” scam.  

While I realize it is a novel, he is an attorney and has seen the abuses of “for profit” prisons and the scam of “expert witnesses” in our system.  

Hearing his comments about private prisons and reading about the fights in the private prisons in this state  due to bad food, low-paid, short-handed prison guards , etc.

I read about how the private prisons give bad food, don’t have the funds for adequate guards or to make a decent prison environment and then I read about the fat-cat owners giving millions to the lying coward lunatic so he will continue to hand out our tax $ to the private prison scam.

Not only that, they are using their obscene profits to lobby state legislatures , etc., for stricter and longer prison sentences so they can continue to rip off tax $ for inadequate operations.  

Of course the state occasionally shakes their finger at them, but they just laugh and continue violating their contracts, they know the politicians will protect them and continue to throw tax $ at them.  

Have to get back into exercise again.  So far, I haven’t had any coughing episodes , etc., after we returned.  I’d like to keep it that way, but it’s not likely.  

That’s  it for now, Sunday, October 27, 2019.

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