2019 Fall October 28 Monday

39  degrees this morning, 82% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday, a little cool, high of 68 degrees.

Swim 18:30 minutes yesterday.

The time finally came to go ahead and order another MacBook Air.  Last night the “o” letter didn’t work, and I decided it was time to go ahead and order another one. I think I can get the “

O” fixed, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Doing this on my iPad, so my postings may be a little shorter after this for a while, at least until the new MacBook Air arrives.  Switched back to my MacBook Air after I got the “o” key t work, at least after a fashion. 

Still haven’t coughed a lot, I am delaying heavy exercise until I determine if I don’t cough if I don’t exercise.  Not that I care, I will exercise anyway, but at least I’ll know the cause.  

The lying coward lunatic showed his lack of class and stupidity in announcing the death of the ISIS leader.  For some reason (as always) but the lunatic and his main toadie seemed to want to somehow attempt to say this was “bigger” than Obama’s.  They are really sick.  Much have some huge inferiority complexes.  (With good reason). 

I can’t believe the lying coward lunatic actually said the ISIS leader “died like a coward” etc.  What a lack of class and a way of jeopardizing the military.  In the first place, the lunatic has no idea how he died. He is such a chronic liar, no one ever knows if he is telling the truth or a lie..

Saw a story about the “Opportunity Zone” scam and how the Treasury Secretary Mnuchin actually “intervened” to help out his “friend” a famous thief, Michael Milken rip off tax $ from the so called “Opportunity Zones”.  Sounds like the new program is designed so the lunatic’s buddies can rip off more tax $ than even the “tax cuts”.

Mnuchin tried to use government planes and funds for his honeymoon, which shows how he feels our tax $ are his personal funds.  

He is typical of the lying coward lunatic’s appointments, kiss his boots and tell him how he is always right.  Sick.

Very disturbing to read about the rise of what is essentially a Nazi party in Germany.  A group of people were asked if some quotes from him were Hitler or him and they couldn’t tell the difference.  

Finished “The Institute” by Stephen King.  Overall a good book, at least it kept my attention.

Halloween is almost here.  I have several (casual) shirts I can only wear around Halloween and I forgot to wear them!

Start of another week.  I’m going to go ahead and stop now.  The “o” key does work if I hold it for a while, but is a little frustrating!

That’s it fr now, Monday, October 28, 2019

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