2019 Fall October 30 Wednesday

36 degrees this morning, 96% humidity Feels like 24 degrees 

Another miserable day yesterday, temperature high was 38 degrees, rain most of day.  Somewhat concerned about freezing rain, but at least it hasn’t happened yet. 

To top it off, this was a thunderstorm with extremely loud thunder and a lot of rain.

Supposedly it is supposed to get to 24 degrees some time today, or maybe they meant the wind chill.

I didn’t really realize how cold it was until I got into a cold car and suddenly felt the cold.  3 degrees may not sound cold, but it is cold!

Usually have a field day today, may change to an “office” day if it is going to start icing up or even if it is raining most of the day.  We generally have flexibility in when we have field days and it is emphasized to not worry about going out in bad weather.  

This is really the type of “winter” weather. I hate, almost worse than snow.  Of course, ice is a lot worse than snow, I’d take snow over ice any time.

Had my MacBook Air checked out, my instincts that I need a new one were correct. The one I have should last until I get the new one.  

My new MacBook Air is scheduled to arrive 11-11-19, which would be 23 years to the day (11-11-86) when I got my first “PC Compatible”.  It had NO hard drive, and the store owner told me, “this will do for a while”.  In a few months, I added a 10MBG (not GIG) hard drive which seemed fast and big.

I actually had had a. Vic 20 and a Commodore 64 before that, in about 1981.

Something with Holidays and I and computers. On Christmas Eve, 1989, I got may first “laptop”, a RadioShack that, if remember correctly, didn’t have a hard drive, and used the “new” 3 1/2 inch disks!

Also, on or about 11-11-06 (I think it actually was November 8, but, what the heck.), I got my first Apple desktop computer and events took off from there.

Because of the “tax holiday” in Tennessee, I started buying my computers on or about my birthday, (which the tax holiday usually fell on), since the 9% savings was significant!  In my current State, the Tax Holiday doesn’t include computers.  

Being around all the thunders storms and cold make me realize how nice it would be to live in a different climate (also where I didn’t cough), but all locations have something that is a negative and there are too many positives to living here, even with the weather and coughing. 

A weird dream this morning.  I dreamed I was driving on a dirt road up a hill.  Sometimes it was raining, sometimes not.

Anyway, I started to feel disoriented, like I couldn’t stay on the road.  I would recover and then get disoriented again.

At the last I was backing up a dirt road in heavy rain and couldn’t see.  I realized there was a curtain over the rear window, partially drawn, which is why I couldn’t see.  I woke up with no idea as to why I had such a dream!  

Hopefully I will have the laptop back today (depending on the wealthier).  I was able to get this posted, but I’m not sure if I can repeat the process I used!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

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