2019 Fall October 31 Thursday

26 degrees this morning 79% humidity feels like 17 degrees 

Another miserable day yesterday, even worse than the previous days.  Around 35 degrees and a light mist all day.  At least it didn’t turn into “freezing rain”.  I kept watching the temperature and actually listened to FM radio (for the weather), but no sign of any freezing rain.  

I have to admit when I went on an elevated structure, I kind of clinched when I remembered the signs “bridge freezes first”, or words to that effect.

I do have a “office day” today, so I’d don’t need to worry about the weather, at least as much as I would if I had to travel a lot in it.  

I am definitely ready for Spring to come already!  

No “o” n my computer much of the time, this may be a strange entry.  Already I try and think f words that don’t have an “o”. Actually I am writing this on my iPad again.  

Halloween and it looks like I’m not going to wear my “Halloween shirt” this year (Sigh). Maybe tomorrow.  Next year I will be ready.

Picked up my computer without doing any work on it.  At first the “o” worked, but it stopped working.  It usually will work if I press it for a long time, but not always.

As I mentioned I went ahead and ordered the new MacBook Air, rather than try to baby the one I have.  I couldn’t do much more with it.  Probably outfoxed myself and not get any trade-in, but thats life.  If nothing else I can use it as a monitor etc.  

I was supposed to get a trade-in package for the iPhone 6, but haven’t gotten it yet.  Maybe they decided it was too old, but it seems like they would tell me.

Reading a book about “money”.  (Elizabeth Dunn, “Happy Money”.  One of the chapters discuss how we enjoy something more if it is “scarce”.  The book even says that we enjoy (for example chocolate less if we have it two weeks in a row etc.  

The author terms it “make it a treat”, saying a treat is a lot more enjoyable than something that is available all the time.

I certainly agree with the concept, but on the other hand, if you have a chocolate bar every day, does the “small pleasure” every day, add more happiness in aggregate than the one every week (or whatever).  

It may depend on the item.  As far as chocolate or something sweet, we usually eat one small “sweet” item a day. That makes it special to me.  

It is strange, I can afford to buy all the “sweets”, doughnuts, candy bars etc. I want, but I really don’t want more than the one or so we have each day.  Actually I do, but I know the adverse affects on health, weight etc. so it isn’t really an option to have more than one a day or for some special event no matter how little they cost.

When we go to some grocery stores, I always am amazed how many cakes, pies, donuts etc. you can buy for very little money! 

One of her other “Principles” is “Buy Experiences”.  I’ll go into that in a future post.

That’s it fo now Thursday, October 31, 2019.

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