2019 Fall November 1 Friday

2019 Fall November 1 Friday

35 degrees this morning, 61%  humidity 

Generally cold but nice day yesterday, no rain, sleet etc.  Office day, so not out a lot.  Night was around 48 degrees.

Somehow, doesn’t seem like November, although I can’t argue with the calendar! The cold weather is very hard to get used too.  

Perhaps even harder than the cold weather is not being able to enjoy many of the activities I really enjoy, which are really possible only in warmer weather.  

I know Summer is over for sure when the last World Series baseball game is played.  In spite of my sour grapes about one of “my teams” not making the World Series, we obviously did watch and enjoy the World Series.  I would have hated to miss this World Series, so I’m glad we watched it!

Another day without the “o” on my computer.  I am writing this on my iPad.  I can post it on this, but I have been sending it to my computer to be posted, since it is a little easier than on the iPad.  (As long as I don’t need the “o” key!  The “o” key will work part of the time if I just hold it down, but not all of the time.)

My MacBook Air, which I used daily from morning to night for over six years (since August of 2013) is finally going away.  Kind of like a tv that you think will always be with you and then it suddenly stops working, or a car that gives out after years of service.  

As I always say “The World Without End is Ending” and the world suddenly changes.  

Not that a laptop, a tv or whatever is all that important in the overall scheme of things, but it still illustrates the concept in a minor way. Also, it emphasizes the importance of daily living, that life is made up of small daily activities as well as the major events and changes.  

Still watching the air fares for our winter vacation.  I believe it is at about the best I can expect a this point. Probably will bite the bullet and buy them.  The last thing I want is to wait too long. 

That is always one of the hard decisions, when to make the decision.  As I noted before, air fares and mortgage rates are hard to make the decision on.  Of course stocks etc are also subject to the “coulda, shoulda” rule, but you can control the amount.  With a house, a small % can make a huge difference.  

We got a good rate about 3 years ago, and I am starting to watch mortgage rates again.  Again, it is a matter of waiting for the lowest rate and hoping you don’t lose the lowest rate, but also not waiting to set and watch the rates get a lot lower!  

I always think interest rates are “as low/high as they can get”, and then they get lower/higher!

Watching “Les Miserables”.  It is quite a show. I may try reading the novel.  We are watched the PBS version.   It was quite a feat to make a movie out of it. 

When I watched it, I could see the plots and characters from many other novels I have read, as last the spirit and concept of the characters and events.  

Another Halloween is over.  We saw a couple of dinosaurs walking past, which was kind of fun.  Somewhere along the line, Halloween became a party holiday for adults as well as for children!

With the cold weather coming in, I always think it is a good time to start doing some of my “round tu it” projects. As usual, I always have more projects than time!  

Friday already, then a week from Monday is the Veterans Day Holiday.  I always consider Veterans Day to be the start of the Holiday Season.

That’s it for now, Friday, November 1, 2019.

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