2019 Fall November 3 Sunday

38 degrees this morning, (feels like 31 degrees) 66% humidity 

Wonderful day overall yesterday, started a little cool, high of 58 degrees.

Swim, 23:00 minutes

One thing the missing “o” on my MacBook Air has helped me improve is my “air drop” and editing ability.  I can dictate my items on my phone, and air drop them to my computer so I don’t need to worry about the “o” but can still use the computer to post my journals.  

Dictating to the iPhone etc. is so simple, the main problem is I feel odd speaking into my phone if people are around.  The phones etc. really have gotten to the point that the dictation is pretty accurate and it is easy to correct any mistakes.  

I haven’t tried to do anything major by dictation, but I will need to learn to do it.  It is so much faster than writing, but I’m not sure how it will work when I have any “deep thoughts” I want to communicate on paper! 

At least it does work well for short items.  I am seeing where I could really benefit from using voice commands for many short items, such as reminders, short notes etc.

It seems the trend is definitely to voice commands, as it has been for a while.  Echo, Siri etc. and the improved dictation are becoming almost essential to our daily living, assuming you use them.  

When I changed from handwriting to computers/typing, I feel like it changed what I wrote and I am sure that using dictation will also significantly change my writing style. I think I think differently when I am speaking rather than writing my thoughts. 

I am definitely going to start using  dictation  to make notes and reminders to myself.   It just doesn’t make any sense not to use dictation.

Went to the iPhone/iPad seminar on the basics of iPhone and iPad.  It was very good.  I need to start going to those.  I hadn’t forgotten  how good they are, I just need to make the time to attend them.

They point out little bits of information that I miss in “self learning” so they are valuable, especially if I have read about something but didn’t quite understand. 

I plan on taking the next seminar on iPhone so I can pick up some more in depth items.

After that, I will take the seminary’s on photos, (editing etc.) and then on music. 

I actually really enjoyed composing music on the computer and hope I can take that up again.  

Daylight Savings Time ends today meaning an “extra” hour during the day.  I can always feel it even though it is only an hour.  

I am always torn between staying up an hour later or taking the extra hour the next day!

Tough decisions in the everyday life of living!

While I get up early in the morning, I always feel the passage of time, especially in the morning.  As I have frequently mentioned, morning time is “hypertime, in that time goes extremely. Fast in the morning !

Really just realized that Thanksgiving etc. is only a short time away.  Means that 2020 is really close!  

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 3, 2019

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