2019 Fall November 4 Monday

2019 Fall November 4 Monday

47 degrees this morning, 73 % humidity 

Overall excellent day yesterday, a little windy. High of 69 degrees.  

Swim 23.15 minutes this morning. 

Coughing hasn’t started back yet. I realize, as was mentioned to me, that it may not solely be exercise, it could be food (some truth to that, I know if I eat some foods, I started coughing.  Sometimes even drinking cold water will make me cough.  

Anyway, I need to resume exercise regardless of whether I start coughing again, I am just seeing if I start coughing again.  I have resisted spending the money on allergy shots etc, which may or may not be voodoo science, but it is a lot of money and time, and obviously health insurance and Medicare don’t believe it works.

Read an editorial abut the damage Presidential Primaries do. I really feel that “big money”, especially the anonymous “donors” which is strictly “pay for play” has ruined any positive effects of the primary, or even “State Questions” which get huge funding from special interests that benefit from one side or the other.  

Also, a system that will allow scum like the lying coward lunatic to be “elected’ (even though he lost by 3,000,000 votes) is obviously defective.  

A liar who will let people in Puerto Rico and California suffer from natural disasters just because they are not “trumpies” who don’t support a liar and criminal?  This is sick.

What is even worse is the “enabling cowards” in congress who allow this behavior to continue.

Tonight, there was even a story how the lying coward lunatic was trying to “buy off” GOP Senators by donating large sums to their campaigns.  On the other hand, what do you expect?

Starting to “plan” for our Winter vacation, now that we have the air tickets, the hotel and some basic tours.  I have been researching the area to determine what is is available other than the items described by persons trying to sell tours. Nothing wrong with that, but they obviously are not going to tout something they don’t sell tickets too!

Anyway it will be interesting to see an area we’ve never seen before, so anything we see will be new and different!

I have looked over some of the travel sites, not sure which one I feel is best. 

Start of another work week today, This is a full week and then a 3 day holiday for Veterans Day.  

We have noticed Christmas decorations already and Siris XM already has a music channel playing.  I personally don’t have any problem with that. For one thing, I enjoy Christmas music  and the time it seems to play goes so fast.  There are internet stations that play it all year although I don’t bother listening to them.  

As far as Christmas decorations, I enjoy them and I hate to see so much money and time go into something that is up for less than a month in many cases. Enjoy them!  Actually I don’t see anything wrong with Christmas decorations from November.1 to after the 12 days of Christmas. 

AS I mentioned, it takes to long to put them up.  In the case of businesses, we need to consider that probably a large part of them revenue is from the Christmas Season, I have heard as high as 70%.  So what to you expect?  Of course, they will maximize the impact of the Christmas Season. 

That’s it for now, Monday, November 4, 2019 


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