2019 Fall November 5 Tuesday

2019 Fall November 5 Tuesday 

42 degrees this morning,(feels like 37) 81% humidity 

Overall nice day yesterday, a little windy.  High of 66 degrees.

Received my new MacBook Air yesterday.  Haven’t had a chance to look at it, still in the box.  I’ll try to get it set up tonight, I know I will at least open the box and look at it. No matter what, I know I will enjoy having an upgraded computer!  

I tend t be slow and careful on setting up a computer, since I have learned from experience, it can be a hassle if you set it up wrong at the first.  

With any luck, Apple won’t upgrade it 15 days after I received it.   (The return period is 14 days.)  I probably need to go back to my old standard of upgrading every 3 years or at least every 5 years. 

Apple quits “supporting” devices after 5 years (as far as repairing them themselves), although there are plenty of shops that maintain them forever.  

I now have an upgraded computer at work, an upgraded phone and now an upgraded personal computer!  I won’t have any excuses anymore!

I was wondering what my “original iPad” (in perfect condition and still with a good battery) was worth, and I got somewhat of an answer.  For a trade in on an Amazon device, it is worth .50 to $5.00 plus 20% off the device!  I think I’ll keep it.  Even if it is 9 years old I still use is occasionally.

It is always disturbing to hear about contaminated food (such as meat now, vegetables , etc.). It really points out the problem with the lunatic allowing industry to “self-regulate” (after taking a huge “donation” I expect). “Self Regulation” means no regulation, or at least greatly reduced regulation. 

I think generally people mean well on “self regulation”. It is just that there is too much pressure to “let it by this time,” as Boeing may have found out. 

The idea of something as important as a plane or our food being “self-regulated” is really scary.  

Weather is supposed to be nice and then more rain Wednesday and Thursday.  

Working on my goal of organizing my e-mail so I don’t miss important e-mails.  Another goal is to save some e-mails that have information for me.  It is a little more complicated than I expected, but I think I can get it worked out.  I’ll just work on it a little very day and even more when I have time.

I read today that “Dropbox,” which I haven’t used for years is now a lot easier to use.  It is primarily a storage mechanism. 

When I think of it, I could probably use Evernote to store my e-mails, or even just sent them to Evernote so they won’t clog up my e-mail, but I could get the information in the future.  

As I have mentioned before, I have been trying to get more use out of Evernote for years, maybe I just haven’t been creative enough!

I got a check from a “class action” lawsuit the other day.  I am sure the Attorney’s got millions while the persons who were actually “damaged” get pennies.  It is almost a scam on the businesses, they file a class action, the companies “settle” by giving the Attorney’s a huge fee with almost nothing for the persons in the Class action.  Certainly not true in every case but more than it should happen.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

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