2019 Fall November 6 Wednesday

 57Degrees this morning, 79% humidity 

Overall nice day yesterday, high of 67 degrees

Exercise yesterday:

-Outdoor walk, 27:46 minutes, Pace was 3 Seconds faster than my goal.  

-Swim, 20:03 minutes.

Considering that I haven’t walked for several weeks, my time this morning wasn’t bad

Glad to get back into walking and swimming again. I’ll just have to make adjustments for the weather, as I do every year.

Only coughed one time during the walk.  I wore a cover over my face (my mouth) and had to breathe through my nose, which I think helped.  I can’t remember the name for it, but it seemed  to make me breathe though my nose. 

Opened up my new MacBook Air, but didn’t want to try to get it setup when I was tired.  A little (not a lot, I’ll read about it ) disappointed in the number of outlets.  Not that I ever use them, but I like to know they are there.  

I think there are plenty of adapters I can get s I can use accessory items.  I also don’t understand not having a touch screen.  

For some reason, this week has seemed to crawl.  I am glad it is finally Wednesday.   Not that anything is wrong or anything, it has just been a slow week.  

Probably because I have a lot of assignments.  I know I just have to do them one at a time, but it is still frustrating I can’t work faster or have more time.  

It seems like the Echo’s learn something new every day.  I am going t have t keep up with them!  I think I don’t really think a lot about it until I feel a need and then Iook for a way to meet the need.

This will be a short post.  The iPad is balking some and it doesn’t make any sense to spend a lot f time waiting for the “o” word. 

Not to demean the “o” letter, but I am surprised how many times I didn’t use it and didn’t miss it.   The Internet Age of Twitter etc!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 6, 2019.


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