2019 Fall November 7 Thursday

2019 Fall November 7 Thursday

39 degrees this morning, 95% humidity 17 mph wind, “feels like” 30 degrees intermittent rain  

Yesterday was cloudy all day with threats of rain.  The heaviest rain was around 6 p.m. last night.  Temperature was actually a high or around 70 degrees. 

Exercise yesterday:  (Another “double’)

-Walk:  28:27 minutes, pace was 28 seconds slower than goal

-Swim:  21:25 seconds

A little slower on the walk today, a little what I expected yesterday.  

So far, some coughing, but not excessive.  Don’t know if it is exercise, the humidity or something I ate, or something in the air!

After a few hiccups, got the MacBook Air connected to the old one and everything gas finished “migrating” to the new machine.  I assume after that I will erase the data on the old machine before I send it in as a trade in.  

The “migration” took about 2 1/2 hours.  

I really thought the set up of the MacBook Air would be as simple as the iPhone.  It isn’t, but after I talked with Apple, it was relatively simple.  Still not as easy as the iPhone.

I got a box for the MacBook Air trade-in, but didn’t get anything for my iPhone trade-in.  I can always repurpose the iPhone for a number of reasons, I just thought I’d trade in the oldest.

I am thinking of listening to some Spanish Language tapes so I can get my Spanish refreshed before our Winter vacation.  I had a year of Spanish in high school and two full years (4 semesters) in college (at 7:30 a.m. 5 days a week)! Plus some time in Spain, so I should be able to pickup on Spanish.  I can understand a little (just if it is slow)! but speaking is a problem.  

I thought if I just listened to Spanish language stories I could start picking up on listening to it and I could get some basic speaking language so at least I can communicate some.  It would also help a lot in my job communicating to persons whose primary language is Spanish.  

I tried to learn some basic Chinese before going to China, but it really didn’t work all that good, except that I could pick up word here and there and I can (or could) recognize Chinese as opposed to other languages.

Listened to Christmas music all day, I thought I may as well immerse myself in it, so December 26, I’m not complaining I didn’t get to hear enough “Christmas” music this year!  Actually rather enjoyable, at least for day 1.

I did hear FIVE versions of “Santa Baby” (by 5 different singers, and I know at least 4 more who sing it).  I enjoyed every moment of listening to the different singers.

Basically the words are the same, except that at least one version changed the version by Eartha Kitt  that refers to a “1954 baby blue convertible”.  I was surprised to learn she recorded it in 1953.  I know a lot of the singers who sing it (such as Taylor Swift) have no idea of what a 54 convertible is, but her lyrics still have the 54 convertible.

Apparently the song was written for Eartha Kitt to perform.  I don’t know how many versions there are, but it is a lot. 

 Anyway, I am glad Christmas music is here again and I learned something new today.  As far as discussing whose version is best, all I heard were excellent, but Eartha Kitt’s is still the best!

So glad it is Thursday. While it hasn’t been a bad week, it has been a slow week.

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 7, 2019

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