2019 Fall November 8 Friday

32 degrees this morning 67%  humidity 

Rain yesterday morning, got colder during day, down to around 28 degrees.  Glad I had an Office Day!

Swim this morning about 21:05 minutes.  Rain, so didn’t walk.

Supposed to be cold tomorrow, as long as it doesn’t rain or snow, I can deal with it.  If it starts to snow or freezing rain, I’m heading home!

Got the new MacBook Air running and it is very nice.  There are a few things I need to get used to.  Just slightly different feels , etc.  

This is the first full post I have written my new computer.  

It is really nice to have a computer so responsive! 

Now the hard part, getting the old MacBook ready for trading in.  I read the instructions and didn’t have any idea what they were talking about.  I may or may not trade in, although I will certainly do it if I can.

I was surprised at how much having a good battery helps performance of a computer or iPhone, or actually, how a low battery hurts the performance.

Now I need to start looking at the Apple Store for seminars on how to use this for more than just a paperweight and a glorified typewriter.  Fortunately we only live about 12 miles from the Apple Store. We went to a seminar on the iPhone and I thought it was really helpful. 

Thank goodness it is Friday.  Even if it is cold and rainy, I am ready for a three day weekend! This year the Holidays will arrive fast, it was a surprise to realize that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away and Christmas is only three weeks after that!

Looked up the “covers” of “Santa Baby,” it extends to hundreds of singers and all types, all styles , etc. 

Of course there are lots of Holiday (and seasonal songs) that are covered by almost every musical artist.  

It is difficult to believe that it is still a month, and a half before Winter starts and then another 3 months of Winter.  The first month and one-half of Spring is usually coolish and not really Summer.  

I’m going to start my plan to learn a basic additional skill on the computer, phone or iPad at least once a month.  Thinking about it, after a year I will know 12 new things!  It I get more, that is even better.

Watched a program on Frontline about Artificial Intelligence.  Could be wonderful, or could be terrifying in the wrong hands. 

That’s it for now, Friday, November 8, 2019.

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