2019 Fall November 10 Sunday

54 degrees this morning, 84%humiidty 

Excellent day yesterday, high of 72 degrees, generally sunny and no wind.

First day of a 3-day weekend, went fast, as I expected. 

Swim time this morning was 21:56

Still predicting a major “winter weather” Monday, possibly including snow and ice.  Obviously too soon for that!

Got a little disgusted this morning  with the MacBook Air, but a call to Apple helped some as far as  the “gestures” etc. you use on the pad.  I’ll need to keep adjusting the settings until I ge it right for me.  

Currently I use a Dell for work and of course, almost everything is opposite, at last up to a point.  

I occasionally get confused, but it really isn’t that bad, but if I add the iPad etc, it can get confusing.  Also the keyboard seems a little smaller, although it is the same size keyboard.  

Sometimes I get my hands on the keyboard too high, not sure what the reason is for that.  

Worse is trying to figure out how to get the old one ready for trade in.  I have no idea what they are talking about on some of the instructions for preparing it for trade-in.  

Hopefully I can get it ready.

Also, to make matters more confusing, the iPhone and iPhone 6 are different, so I have to think before I click sometimes!  The iPhone 11 doesn’t have a home button as such, so it is a little different  

Started researching our Winter vacation in-depth.  Now that the dates and the airline tickets are set, it is time to start detailed researching etc.  I have a lot of fun, I look at map, distances etc and try to figure out places to go our unscheduled times.  

Some unscheduled time is necessary but I try to find some flexible actions we cam do that would add some uniqueness to the trip.  I am trying to figure out the milage involved  etc. to see what is “doable” and possible.

I have found what looks good now doesn’t always seem that good at the time we have to do it, so I like to be flexible.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 10, 2019

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