2019 Fall November 11 Monday

54 degrees this morning,  73% humidity.  IIt is  supposed to be 31 degrees at 9 a.m.  So much for my plans to eat free today (Veterans Day free meals!)  

Overall excellent day yesterday.  75 degrees high, but  there was a real chill in the air.  

Today, in 1986, I got my first “real” computer, a PC compatible, as I have mentioned before.  To say the advancements have been amazing is an understatement.  

It was an “8088” and didn’t even have a hard drive, the sales person said I could get a hard drive “when I was ready for it”.  I was actually ready fairly soon!  

I’ve gone over  my first “real” computer recently, but I had to mark the day, since it was a major change in my life.  I actually kept it for a number of years, probably too long.  The hard drive crashed and I believe I jumped to a 486.  

Anyway, the computer experience is certainly  a lot better now than it was then!  I can remember the long waits.  When the Internet first started, it took forever to connect! 

I really think the cell phone advances are more amazing than computers, especially once the “smart phone” was developed.  

I actually bought my first iPhone (a 3) in August of 2008.  Aliene and I were looking at a iPod touch (basically a glorified iPod for my birthday when I realized it would be a wonderful phone.  The controls were so intuitive.  

I certainly never regretted my decision and have never even looked at another smart phone.  I jumped from a 3 to a 5 and then to a 6 and then to my 11 max.  (Aliene had a 3+, a 5+ and now has a 7).  So we aren’t frequent upgraders!  

My work phone is a 6+, which I am still using.  

Anyway, they were all great phones in their time!

Finished reading the book “Happy Money”, now I need to review it so I can distill some ideas from it.  The authors had a lot of good ideas, but they are basically  5 principles or concepts.  

The first concept is “Buy Experiences”.  Research, (which I won’t go into here) indicates that “experiences” bring more happiness than material goods.  The actual support of this theory was very interesting.  

Looking back, I can certainly see how “experiences”, can bring more happiness than material items.  First of all, you don’t have to  care for and maintain “experiences” and worry about storing them, repairing them or being damaged!  

Speaking of the “Smart phone” and “experiences” Steve Jobs was a huge minimalist who didn’t believe in material things, and for years lived in an apartment with little furniture etc.  He probably had the right idea, although he was (in my opinion) too extreme on the minimalist side to not have any furniture in your house. 

Certainly it is true I have way too many material things.  I try to avoid buying “things” that I know I will need to maintain, but it is difficult to unravel and try to decide what you don’t need anymore!  

Anyway, I agree in concept anyway about “buying experiences” rather than material items within reason.  It is so difficult to get rid of material things, mainly because you feel like you “may use them sometime”. However, who will need hundreds of pens that are drying up?

That’s it for now, Monday, November 11, 2019.

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