2019 Fall November 12 Tuesday

16 degrees this morning, (feels like 5%) 71%  humidity. Going to wimp out on walking this morning and probably swimming also!

Cold, windy, miserable day yesterday.  Some light snow even, or at least rain that briefly froze.  Except for the cold, actually turned out to be relatively nice later in the day, but the wind was really blowing.   High was 59 that was in the early morning, 17 degrees low.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:56 minutes, ;pace was 38 seconds slower than goal (however wind was over 23 mph!)  (I walked before it started raining).  

Swim:  21:35 minutes.  

During the walk this morning, the temperature went from 56 degrees to 45 degrees.  When I got to the Fitness about half an error later, it was 34 degrees!  

Got my old MacBook Air ready for return today.  It took about 40 minutes on the phone with Apple Support, so I hope it is worth it.  I’m still not sure what the problem was, but I got it in the box and ready to go.

Quite frankly, I was disappointed in the process.  First the box didn’t even come for the iPhone 6 and now the process for the MacBook Air is very complicated and almost like they are trying to discourage the trade-in’s being send in.

In spite of the weather I was the guest for two “free” meals today (for Veterans Day).  Nice of businesses to do that. I can remember when I was in the Air Force, they advised us not to wear our uniforms in some areas (in the United States).  

Back to the book “Happy Money””  

As I mentioned the firsts concept was “buy experiences”. 

The second concept  is “ Make it a Treat”, or what makes a purchase a “treat”.  This concept is based somewhat on scarcity or just not “consuming” something so often.  

One item she discussed that I have encountered, is the “anticipation factor”.  Actually this may be under a different concept, but I think it is good here also.

Basically it is that “anticipation” is a large part of enjoying a product or experience.  I know I do it on trips, I plan trips throughly and learn a lot just before the trip about an area.  Sometimes I get there and just don’t have time to do every thing I would like.

 knew a parent who too children  to ‘Disney World as a “surprise”.  The children didn’t enjoy it near as much as when they had the change to anticipate it.  

Just like our Winter vacation, I am spending a lot of time on research because I enjoy it.  I research all the alternatives and see what is possible and then try to make a reasonable decision depending on rime and money resources.  

Another idea mentioned is that the more you consume something, the less it is a “treat”.  Research has shown that if you have one piece of chocolate a week, you enjoy it much more than if you have one each day. 

Of course, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, the cumulation of the “little treats” each day may equal more “happiness” than the larger “happiness” you get once a week!  (or whatever).  

Aliene and I have a very small sweet (small most days) at the end of most days, even when we are really watching what we eat.  It is always enjoyable and kind of something we look forward too.  

Glad I have an “Office Day” today.  It is supposed to warm up as the week progresses.  At least I don’t have to go out today.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 12, 2019.  

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