2019 Fall November 13 Wednesday

28 degrees this morning  (feels like 18 degrees) 51%  humidity 

Cold day yesterday, started at 14 degrees, high of 37 degrees.  The good thing is there was no wind and it was sunny, so it really wasn’t that bad.  

Of course, I had an “office day” so I didn’t need to worry about the weather so much.  Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow!

The new MacBook Air has been wonderful.  There are a few things I need to find out about, but I am enjoying using it. 

Between the computer and the new iPhone, I feel like I am in a new world of devices!  Now if I just can have the time to learn more about their capacity.

We currently are scheduled for “iPhone and iPad” 2 at the Apple Store, which hopefully will teach us more about them.  The camera on the iPhone is so good, it is a waste to not take some seminars in getting the most out of the camera.

I have found it doesn’t do a lot of good to just read about how to do something, I need to actually have something I want to accomplish  (other than just learning the techniques) and then use the techniques to accomplish my goal.  As an example, I didn’t learn Excel until I had to do a budget, then I learned it fast!

Probably one of the reasons it is difficult for me to learn abstract type concepts about computers , etc., is that I have actually do something and have a goal to learn something. 

I always thought that is why I’m not any good with mechanical things or home repairs, and can’t even change a tire on a bike.  Somehow, my mind just doesn’t work that way.    Not the it really matters all that much, although I wish I was more mechanically inclined, it would help.  

“Buy Time”.  I didn’t plan it this way, but the next “Concept” in “ Happy Money” is to “buy time,” which I have been very successful at, or at least it sure has made me a lot happier!  

The concept is to focus on time, not money, studies have shown it makes people a lot happier if they control their time.  

The author mentions about the folly of taking a lot of time to save a little bit of money that is insignificant, such as driving an hour to save 5 cents a gallon on gas, or standing in line to get a free  sample of a $1.00 item.  (Unless that makes you happier than something else you could do with the time!)

The author cites studies that show that people who “outsource” some of the  “busy chores” in our lives to control their time are happier.  Of course, if you like to mow the grass, vacuum the house or change oil in the car that is great also!

This supposes you have the money to “buy time” and that isn’t always true.  

Another factor is finding someone who “would do as good a job to as I would IF I could do it!”.  Good luck at that!

There is a lot more to this concept of “buying time,” even a “slow movement” trend (www.slowmovement.com).  More on this later. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

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