2019 Fall November 14 Thursday

30  degrees this morning,70% humidity

Yesterday was cold, but reasonably nice (no wind or clouds!)

Walk yesterday, 27:56 minutes , 28 seconds slower than my goal. 

Meeting today, I have to get moving early so I decided to skip exercise this morning.  Also, the 30 degree weather!

Somehow it seems like weather like this doesn’t start util after Christmas, but that can’t be true based the “normal” temperature , etc.  Maybe I just block it in my mind.   

We received one of the “full surveys” for the 2020 Census, one of the surveys that asks all kind of questions.  I always wanted to fill out a “full survey,” so I enjoyed responding.  I really wonder how many people tell the truth on each question!

I don’t think it is “telling the truth” that is the problem, probably the problem is having the correct information.  

The answers to this represent 6 households, since the “long” form is sent to 1 in 6 people (at least the article I saw on it). 

I know how important the answers are, so I tried to be reasonably correct.

Winter is still over a month away. Somehow, it seems like it should be Winter already.  It is dark early, cold and relatively miserable.  One thing about Winter starting is that it is the start of earlier daylight and every day of Winter is another day towards Summer!  

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away.  A “late” Thanksgiving is still coming faster than I was prepared for!  

I always like Thanksgiving, it is kind of a laid back 4 day holiday without all of the hoopla and expectations of Christmas etc. 

Preparing final plans for our winter vacation, or at least our “first” Winter vacation.  Hopefully we can take a short/inexpensive vacation in late February or early March to get away from the cold for several days!  It makes a big difference!  

I really like the concept of “buying experiences” rather than buying “things”.  When I think about buying something now, I think about the long term cost, not only of maintaining the item but just the psyche costs of having to take care of it, dither about where to store it and when to get rid of it.

It would be a lot easier if I could “toss” stuff easier.  Somehow it is mentally difficult to get rid of stuff.  Not only is there the “I may need it sometime,” there is also, even more powerful, the feeling of attachment to an item, especially what it represents in my life.

I don’t watch a lot of “Mad Money” anymore (Jim Cramer) for a number of reasons, but I happened to watch one this morning.  I am surprised by some of the advertisements for certain medical or health conditions!  I don’t know if I is new or now.  

Nothing wrong with it, I’m just a little surprised.  

At least I don’t have to watch them since it is taped.  I’m not sure if I could stand watching it live! 

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 14, 2019. 

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