2019 Fall November 15 Friday

28 degrees this morning,  90% humidity.  

Overall excellent day yesterday, no wind, sunny, high of 55 degrees. 

A little respite from my normal work day, had basically an all day conference.  While I don’t like to miss the work time to knock down my assignments, it is good to have a conference to kind of refresh you.

Attended a wedding/marriage reception tonight.  Again, I am always impressed by the cycle of life, babies and children were there as well as people a lot older than me.  All celebrating one of the major stages of life. 

It is good to see the traditions recognizing the major changes in life continue.  

One of my earliest memories was actually of a wedding.  Probably the music, excitement and color impressed me.  

I can still remember the song being sung, “here comes the bride…………, here comes the groom ……….”  (I’m sure this was sung outside away from the wedding itself!).

But I think it does explain the celebration of the major changes in our lives, including graduations etc.  Oddly enough, I remember my cousins wedding also very well, although he is just a few years older than me, so I assume I was in college.  I remember him putting on his tux for some odd reason, but don’t remember much else.  

Planning on an office day tomorrow to catch up on some paperwork.  It is difficult to get all the paperwork done since for some reason we are supposed to spend, three days in “the field”.  Field work is important, but every month is different, so it is one of those bureaucratic events that happen and we end up with inefficiency due to rigid thinking.  

Hardly limited to government, in fact I think it is worse in the private sector.  One reason I am always suspicious of people who transfer to public administration thinking all they need to do is change the name from private enterprise.  It doesn’t work. Certainly a lot of good people change from the private sector to the public sector and vice versa, but it takes different techniques, not necessarily different skills.  

A push in this state to “reform” (read eliminate) the civil service for state employees to provide for “flexibility” in hiring and firing (read hire their buddies and donors and rip off as many tax $ as they can.)  

Can you imagine the lying coward lunatic and his  coward toadies and coward congress  if it wasn’t for the civil service system.  The lunatic is already using the government for his personal benefit and is criminalizing the civil service even with the so called “protections”.  

As someone mentioned the other day, the GOP has “sold it’s soul” and now has no ethics and stands for nothing  other than the meandering criminal mind of the ignorant criminal antics of the lying coward lunatic.  As they say, is it like the patients took over the mental institution.  

I expect there will need to be a restricting of the political party system to get out of the criminalizing lying coward actions of the ling coward lunatic and his coward toadies. 

That’s it for now, Friday, November 15, 2019. 

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