2019 Fall November 16 Saturday

42  degrees this morning,  63%humidity 

Excellent day yesterday, high of 60 degrees, generally sunny and no wind.

Walk yesterday morning, 29:18 minutes, pace 50 seconds slower than goal.  

Actually the walk pace and time aren’t as bad as it sounds.  I was putting my gloves , etc., and probably delayed about a minute and 8 seconds, but I didn’t want to start “adjusting” the time, plus I couldn’t adjust the pace.

The temperature was 28 degrees, so I am still getting used to walking in the cold.  Also I had seen a cat or something (not a skunk) and so I was kind of watching out.  

Even more, I had heard howling (probably coyotes).  I’m not sure if I like the idea of meeting a bunch of coyotes (or howling dogs for that matter)!  

The walk itself actually was ok, I was bundled up for it.  Also, I am taking a Spanish speech tape and I talk in Spanish to respond to the less. I was surprised at how much faster the time goes.

I think I sound pretty good, but then when I hear someone speaking Spanish and of course I can only pick up a word here and there.  

I guess I need to worry about “one step at a time” and learning as I go, realizing I’ll never sound all that good!  My past Spanish as far as understanding the grammar , etc., helps.

On my work computer Friday there was problems with the internet and the special program we use.  Very frustrating, since it was my “office day” and every minute is precious!  

Hopefully the weather will warm up next week.

Back to Happy Money.  It is one of those books that I can read (or scanI) and pick up more thoughts every time I read it.  It only has five basic concepts but goes into detail on each one.  

I especially like the “buying experiences” and “buying time” concepts.  

Certainly whenever we talk about moving to a “maintenance free [or at least reduced maintenance) residence, I dread even the idea of trying to toss out stuff.  Technically, it shouldn’t be difficult, just toss everyone you haven’t used for a year or don’t care for.  It isn’t that easy.  

One of these days, I am going to take all those free pens I got that are simply drying up and toss them as a start!  

I had the suggestion to take pictures of the t-shirts and hats and I liked that idea.  I think it will help me dispose of them!

Glad the weekend is here, the week actually went relatively fast. Sometimes the 4 day weeks go slow!

Thats it for now, Saturday, November 16, 2019.

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