2019 Fall November 17 Sunday

48  degrees this  morning, 57% humidity 

Daddy would be 113 years old today if he was alive.  That really makes m realize how time passes . 

Overall excellent day yesterday, a little windy that made it cold, 65 degrees high

Went to go swimming, forgot about the “swim meet” that closed the lap pool.  For some reason I didn’t make the connection between 7:00 a.m. and Saturday.  The Fittness Center doesn’t open until 7:00 am weekends, but opens at 5:00 a.m. on weekdays.  Somehow in my mind, I had several hours I could swim before the swim meet started!

By coincidence, had three sessions at the Apple store today, one for a photo project, one to check out my MacBook Air and one just a general one on iPhone and iPad.

Actually, I learned a lot about the apps such as Notes, Reminders, Calendar, Shortcuts, Maps , etc.  Now I have to do it and then probably go back to repeat the session and learn what I missed.

I was truly amazed at what I didn’t know about apps I have been using for years!  Actually I hadn’t used the Apple “Maps” at all, didn’t even think of using it, but it is really good.  

We plan on taking the sessions more often, they are really valuable. 

The photo session was interesting, it was actually a “work on your own project” time, which is nice.  You work on your own project, but there is an expert to assist you if you get stuck.  It works out nicely. 

We had to lug our desktop down to the Apple store for the “projects” session.  

If retail is having any problems, someone forgot to tell this to the mall we went too!  It took a very long time to find a parking space of any sort.  Actually both times we lucked out but the mall was vey busy!

While it might sound kind of strange, I have been shaving with both an electric razor and the regular razor (not on the same day, one day the electric and the next day the regular shaving way).  They each have their own advantage.  I was surprised at how good the electric razor is, a lot better than the last time I tried one, but I’m not ready to go with only the electric razor yet.  

The instructions say to replace the blades about once a year or so, (I believe).  Anyway, it says in the time they recommend for replacement, you will have shaved the equal of mowing a football field!

I am always shocked at how much time of our life we spend on activities like sleeping, shaving, and similar activities that seem very small, but add up to a lot when you compute how much time you spend in a year on it!

It hit me the other day how many miles our car that turned 5 years one around November 8 had on it, but even more so, how much time that indicated. Since I am basically the only driver, I figure I put on almost all the 84,000+ miles on it.

Even if I averaged 50 mph (which I don’t), that would be 1,680 hours. More likely I averaged about 30 mph which is 2400 hours or 100 “24 hour days” of driving, which seems impossible.   

It does feel good to know that baseball  Spring Training is only about 3 months away.  For some reason, spring training starts, I kind of look at that as the start of Spring even though three is usually a lot of cold weather left!   

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 17, 2019.  

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