2019 Fall November 18 Monday

41 degrees this morning,  74%  humidity. 

Cold, reasonably ok yesterday. High of 63 degree.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  28.2 minutes, pace was 39 seconds slower than goal  

Watched tv program (60 minutes) today about the “sea bed” minerals that could be the basis for large “house” batteries as well as security.  

The more I read about the interconnection of all of the transmission of electricity, the dangers of cyberattacks etc, I really feel like the decentralization of electricity should be a priority. 

It seems that there are ways of storing and generating electricity  Somewhat like a solar garage I saw once that generated electricity for electric cars while they were parked at work.  

I think a lot of the resistance is by vested interests who feel they will be hurt by the development of large scale batteries and better use of solar and wind etc,  Basically, just like the  tax scam, the vested interests are buying politicians to block the use of such energy.  

I read an article on the tax scam and the role of one company, Fed Ex and how they spent $!0,000,000 in lobbying plus “visits” with the lying coward lunatic and the Senators and Representatives writing the legislation to make sure they ripped off as much in tax $ as possible. They were even involved in writing the legislation to make sure it benefited them as much as possible!  

They ripped off 1.6 billion dollars at least and basically used it to pay shareholders etc, not to increase investment or employee pay.  Of course, this is only one company, so you can only imagine the cost of the tax scam. 

Meanwhile we are paying more taxes than a Fed Ex , etc., is paying and the tax scam increased our taxes!  

That isn’t counting the huge increase in the national  debt by the tax scam already,

The lying coward lunatic, between writing so many “tweets,” squealing our his lies and attempts to smear political opponents,  his trips to try to rip off tax $ for his “resorts” and his political campaigning obviously isn’t doing any actual “work” which is probably good.  

Start of another work week, the last one before the Thanksgiving weekend, which is a 4 day weekend for me.  

That’s it for now, Monday, November 18, 2019.

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