2019 Fall November 19 Tuesday

46 degrees this morning, 74% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday, high of 74 degrees, no wind, Just an overall beautiful day.  I better had not get used to them this winter!  

Getting used to my new MacBook Air.  I  took it into the Apple Store and they were very nice and through, as always, in checking out everything.  I am trying to see when we can take more of the “skill” classes, they are really good.  

The “impeachment” hearings or at least the actions are interestingly  The lying coward lunatic now trying to fire everyone who testifies, obviously illegal actions of intimidation and retaliation.  

The other day I read about how the lying  coward lunatic and his coward toadies  aren’t interested in the criminal actives, they are only interested in punishing “who told the truth” about the criminal activities! 

I am going to see if my new iPhone camera is better at taking pictures of my hot wheel cars.  I would like to finish, or at least make a substantial dent in taking pictures.  Probably should take pictures of my t-shirts first.  

I used the Apple “maps” app t look at our vacation area and other areas.   It is very impressive for researching and just looking.  

I hadn’t even really been aware of the Apple Maps app, I had always gone to Google maps.  Not really saying which is best, both are good.  

Recently was advised I could get “free 2 hour shipping” from Whole Foods (if minimum was $35 or more).  Actually it is very tempting to at least try it.  Supposedly, Amazon has lowered the prices so it no longer is “whole paycheck” and the prices are competitive.  

I’ll give it a try and see.  It falls into the “buy time” concept in Happy Money.  She suggests people are happier who “buy time” by paying someone to do time-consuming jobs that they don’t want to do themselves.  

I recently read where Walmart is one of the biggest backers of ‘private schools”, with the Walmart Foundation throwing around millions of dollars in support of private schools.

Not that all private schools are bad by any means, but I think the “for profit” ones backed by de vice are actually just criminal enterprises, but then what can I expect from the lying coward lunatic and his coward toadies?   

Dream this morning, didn’t really get it written down.  In the dream I took a short trip.  On the way up, I was in a vehicle where I laid down crossways on the way up.  Some kind of small van or bus.  

We went to an area that reminds of a farm by us when I was a kid.  For some reason, I kept eating desserts.  That may be something I would do,  but I don’t think I would be so obvious!  

On he way back, we took a big bus, I never did figure out the reason for the


That’s it for now Tuesday, November 19, 2019. 

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