2019 Fall November 20 Wednesday

 63 degrees this morning, 63% humidity

Yesterday started off cool (44 degrees), but warmed to 76 degrees, really a beautiful day.  Hopefully there will be many more like it!

Walk yesterday, 27:44 minutes, 2 seconds slower than goal.

Supposed to start raining this afternoon and continue tomorrow.  Some bad weather (snow, sleet), but not in this area at least hopefully.

Winter in 2019 will start on 10:19 p.m., Saturday, December 21, so it is still over a month until Winter starts.  Then there is still another three months until Spring!

Reading about how the internet, smart phones , etc., affect people and society. I expect in more ways than we expect. 

I was just thinking what it would have been like for me to grow up with the internet, 24 hour tv, smart phones, terrorists , etc.  I expect a little overwhelming, except that that would have been my life as I knew it.  

One article  I read was rather intriguing, it was an article that (predictive) algorithms aren’t always really that correct, so many people change their behavior , etc., to comply with the prediction of the algorithm, so it is basically a self fulfilling prophecy.  

I don’t have anything against algorithms as such, I think they can be very helpful. When they start predicting the behavior or people, the future trend of stocks or who will win in a sports event, I expect they have gone beyond their capacity to really predict. Or at least I hope they have.  

Of course, I did also read yesterday that soon “they” (who knows who “they” are) will be actually able to “read” hour thoughts, or at least what they think your thoughts are.  As usual, sometimes it just doesn’t work like predicted, and what they are think they are “reading” is not correct.  

I don’t personally like the idea of “reading minds,” I’m sure someone will find a way to abuse it and misuse it.

“1984” seems closer and closer with GPS, television, and now the actual “election”  of a rigid, blatant criminal as President who will abuse anything for his personal gain and even abuses children of migrants etc   The disaster in Puerto Rico where he held disaster aid because his childish feelings were hurt is a case in point.  

Anyway, it is scary to think of the lying coward lunatic having such tools at his disposal and the lack of ethics by his incompetent staff.  

I was surprised (will not really) his Press Secretary even told a blatant lie about how Obama staff left nasty notes , etc.,  which even the lunatic didn’t support.  How does an incompetent blatant liar keep a job like that?   Of course, she works for one.  

I really don’t like to even think about those clowns, but not saying anything when they are  display such blatant criminal behavior, gross lies anyone knows are lies and abuses the power of the federal government I have to say something about my reaction to it. 

It is very scary to even think of the lunatic actually even has any chance at all of being not be impeached and convicted, and jailed, much less actually get re-elected. 

Trying to read some novels, my problem is if I read a good one, I can’t recheck it from the library so I don’t have time to read it.  Actually I did read Stephen King’s latest book in the allotted 3 weeks, but that included vacation time and some time on a plane when I could read a lot.  Technically I could keep it and pay the fine (a maximum of $3.00), but I don’t quite feel right doing that.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 20, 2019.  

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