2019 Fall November 21 Thursday

65 degrees this morning, 90% humidity

Yesterday was relatively warm for this time of year, but relatively high wind, rain.  Rain but not near as much rain as I expected anyway. 

Exercise yesterday, Swim, 17:50 minutes

Doctor appointment yesterday morning.  One reason I didn’t walk (plus the wind and possible rain).

Seeing my weight yesterday made me decide to start watching my food intake again!  I don’t like to go on “diets” as such.  I have found the best way for me to lost/maintain weight is to watch my carbs.   

I don’t get carried away with it, I just trying to avoid carbs, or at least the “fast carbs” like bread and potatoes, or at least minimize them.  I will need to limit pancakes!  

I have found it is best not to necessarily “eliminate” anything, but rather to minimize carbs and “fat” food, or rather food with fat in it.

Time to bring up “My Fittness Pal” and start keeping track of everything I eat again!  It is more difficult than it sounds.  

I may simply start a file in “notes” and keep track.  It’s not the calories as much as what I eat, if that makes any sense.  I can pretty well guess at the calories (unfortunately).

The Apple Watch is somewhat of a surprise in the number of health apps/functions it has.  Heart rate, quality of sleep , etc.  The “falling” function (it automatically calls 9-1-1 if it detects a fall and you don’t cancel the call). I believe it has some specialized heart analysis functions that I’m not familiar with.  

I have been following up on the seminar on “skills” for the iPhone , etc.  As always, not as much as I expected I would, but I at least have a much better knowledge of what the iPhone (specifically the Note, Reminder and Calendar apps) is capable of.  

Researching the vacation we will be going on in the near future.  As always, the more I learn, the more I find there is to learn and the more I realize what I don’t know

The same is true of almost anything, including computer programs, apps , etc. 

It is a little like the game of Bridge, it is easy to learn the basics, but very hard to get good at it. 

Today is exactly one month from the first day of Winter.   I am sure the time will go fast and it will suddenly be 2020.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 21, 2019.

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