2019 Fall November 22 Friday

38 degrees this morning, 94% humidity.  

Yesterday it was around 64 degrees when I got up.  By 9:00 a.m. the temperature had dropped to 48 degrees.  Continued to be  miserable day, cold wind, misting , etc.

Exercise this morning (before the really nasty weather), Walk 28:24 minutes, pace 28 seconds slower than goal.

When I am driving sometimes I start to wonder “where are all of these people [coming or going)  There are literally hundreds of cars at almost any time of the day or night.  

It would be interesting to survey a sample of motorists to document where they are going and whether it Is for personal or work.

I also ponder whether they are happy, sad or mad.  Or all three!

Weather is supposed to be cold and rainy over the next couple of days.  Sometimes I say I would almost prefer it snow rather to rain hard, but I don’t really think so.  Wednesday I started back in a modest rain.  It wasn’t all that bad, but I still drive watchfully.  

So far today it has just been a light sprinkle most of the afternoon.  

Have to comment on the lying coward lunatic calling his “political enemies” 

“human scum”.  At least he knows what “scum”is since he is definitely scum. How can anyone believe anything this lying coward lunatic says, and how can they support his juvenile crass behavior?  It is sickening.

Also read how he is stealing millions of tax $ by using expensive jets and helicopters to promote his bankrupt insect ridden “resorts” and then  extort millions in tax $ for “rooms and meals” for the secret service , etc.  He ought to be jailed for theft for that.  How his coward toadies , etc., can defend him and cover  for that is difficult if not impossible. 

Listening to Spanish tapes during my walk and practicing my pronunciation while I walk.  I am actually doing ok until I try it in real life.  Actually I haven’t tried to speak it in real life yet, but I listen to Spanish being spoken and obviously don’t hardly understand anything but an occasional word.  

I figure if I get to a place where I have to use it, at least I will be able to make the basics understandable. 

Strange dream this morning, Thursday, November 20, 2019,:

Dreamed going to Washing DC for some reason.  In a small van. On the way we  had to lay down crossways and rode  in the small van or station wagon. 

We got to Washington DC and the driver was a very bad driver.  He kept making wrong turns and knocking sign posts down.  The streets were very narrow and crowded.

We stopped someplace and I went to make a phone call and got left behind when I couldn’t find my way back.  I couldn’t find my group.

Then I tried to remember the hotel we were going to and couldn’t remember what hotel we were going too.  

I couldn’t  find a phone book and for some reason didn’t ask since I was in a very luxurious hotel and didn’t want to admit I couldn’t remember the name of the other hotel

For some reason I was carrying around a kind of cloth box with several items in it and it ripped on one corner.

Seemed like a very long dream. 

I woke up before finding out anything.  One of those dreams it took a while to realize it was only a dream.

That’s it for now, Friday, November 22, 2019.

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