2019 Fall November 23 Saturday

36 degrees this morning, feels like 30 degrees, 82% humidity 

Weather yesterday was cold, some rain. Although it was cold (around 38 degrees) there wasn’t any wind later on in the day, so it wasn’t really that bad.  I had a “field day” but it really wasn’t that bad.

Weekend is here, then 3 short days and a 4 day weekend!  Work week went fast and I’m sure the holidays will also.  Soon, 2020 will be here.

Going to the Apple store for the “MacBook Skill” tomorrow.  I have a lot to ask them!  I will hopefully clear up some of the basic items, and probably have to go again to really pick up on more items after I have used it some more.

Today I used the “Google Maps” and the “Apple Maps” and found the “Apple Maps” were much better, at least for this specific building.  

If I had used the Google Maps, it would have taken me longer to find the building.  While the Google maps provided a picture of the building, the actual map and address were very confusing.

Apple Maps showed me a much clearer picture of the building and where it was and the location.  

Google Maps have always been pretty good, but in this case Apple Maps was much better.  

While I learned a lot about the “apps” (calendar, Notes and Apple Maps , etc.), I want to take the seminar skills again so I can pick up on the items I have questions on.  Eventually I may learn everything I need to know to use them effectively!

If nothing else, I will prepare a list of questions and use a “personal project” period to get answers to them and learn how to effectively use them!

I wish they had a class in “Evernote,” so I could use that more effectively.  

Watching the series “Press” about two newspapers.  It was interesting to watch it (more of the rational newspaper with all of its faults and positive activities of 20 years ago) and realize how things have changed.  

Actually the show is set more or less in the present (they both have on-line editions and the print edition is losing readership , etc.).

Changes have been not just “social media,” but the way the “news media” is no longer a “neutral” reporter, but a part of the story and an active voice for a policy, person or concept instead of just neutral reporting of the news.

When I took journalism in college that that was the main standard.  

One quote caught my attention, when a reporter tells an Editor the staff “is just telling you want you want to hear,” not the actual situation.  

Where have I heard that before!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 23, 2019.

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