2019 Fall November 24 Sunday

 33 degrees this morning, (feels like 28) 90 %humidity 

Yesterday was cool first part of the day, a rather unpleasant cold. Today it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees.  Since it is 33 degrees now, it will have to change quite a bit.  

Strange event, I happened to check my e-mail to see exactly what time the “Skills” seminar for the MacBook Air.  I found an e-mail dated 11-20-19 saying the seminar had been cancelled.  I though it was rather strange so I called up and they advised me it was still on.

Anyway I got there and the Seminar had been canceled, no instructors around that could teach , etc.  

Rather strange, especially since I had called and talked with a person and was advised it was own!

I was disappointed since I need to learn a lot bout the settings , etc., but I rescheduled.  When I got back I realized they had scheduled me for “Mac, part II,” not part I which I need to do first. 

Didn’t feel great this morning, not really sick, just feel like I’m a little tired and congested.   Felt that way most of the day, 

Feel ok this morning, except again that borderline feeling of I may have, or am developing a “cold” and cough.  

Whenever I get a cold, I always feel this sense of dread that for at least 7 days I won’t feel good and will not feel good no matter what I do.  It also means I have to be careful about exercising outside, especially in 33 degree weather. 

Yesterday I sat in the sauna for a while, hoping that would help.  Actually that (the sauna) has helped the past, I get hot and then jump into the swimming pool, which actually does seem to help.  (I didn’t jump into the swimming pool yesterday.) 

Otherwise I just drink lots of water and gatorade and try to rest as much as possible and hope I don’t feel worse.

I was thinking it was a lot colder this year than past years.  I checked 11-23-18 and found the morning temperature had been 53 degrees and I thought “point made, it is a colder Fall”.  But then I checked 11-15-18 and found I had been 28 degrees in the morning.  

I guess Winter is Winter and I just have to deal with the cold weather, colds, coughing and congestion!  It could be worse, at least I don’t have a lot of snow to deal with , etc., or extremely cold weather.  I may consider it extreme, but it really isn’t!

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 24, 2019.

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