2019 Fall November 25 Monday

 39 degrees this  morning, 85% Humidity 

Yesterday was actually fairly nice.  However, I didn’t even go outside (except to get the papers) since I had a lot of congestion and coughing , etc., all day.

Basically set around all day, slept, read , etc.     Tried to avoid coughing etc, drank hot tea , etc. 

I’m sure I won’t be in the Field for work tomorrow as I had planned but I should be able to do an Office Day.  

The series “Press had a segment about how they handled the government having the capacity to monitor ANY cell phone, smart tv , etc..  The intent was to monitor for terrorist threats , etc.  

In the series  they decide that is ok and they don’t print about the program.  Certainly what I have seen the past few years, obviously it would be abused and used for personal gain.  

Ditto with “mind reading,” by chance on 60 minutes.  It is scary to think how it would be abused.  Perhaps they should be concentrating on how individuals could block it rather than how they can “read” minds.  

Watched a documentary about how “undocumented” children (and adults) are treated.  It is shameful. Especially when you read about how “for profit” companies are ripping off tax $ big time for poor care.  

I certainly don’t have the answers to the problem, but it seems like they could show some dignity and respect.

Read where there are going to be a lot of “dark money” attack ads spewing the hate and lies of the lying coward lunatic.  (One in this area.)

Hopefully the “dark money” ads will backfire and bring out more people to vote against the lies and hate of who it is that has too much money.  Probably “laundered” money from illegal activities or ripping off taxpayers.  

What is especially galling is that these organizations are “tax exempt” organizations, which is insane, 

As an example of the corruption, a “Senator” in this state has a million dollar vacation house on a  taxpayer (federal/state) funded lake and has a boat and airplane that he likes to drive and fly around the lake.  

Anyway, without regard to how he got money like that on a salary of $150,000 a year or whatever, he attempted to pass a law that will flood out the surrounding residents so he can come to his vacation home and have “high water” to use his boat and airplane!  

Of course, this Senator is one of those clowns that are always complaining about “government regulation” government welfare and of course that is the first thing he tries to do, slipping a section in a bill where he can keep the water high so he can use his boat and plane while flooding out nearby residents.  

He has also taken to spewing out the same type of garbage on Facebook as the lying coward lunatic including outright lies and nasty playground taunts. 

He has definitely been in office too long and needs to retire or “be retired”!

That’s it for now, Monday, November 25, 2019.  

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