2019 Fall November 26 Tuesday

42 degrees this morning 82% humidity 

Generally nice day yesterday, a little cool.  I didn’t notice it because I was feeling the results of a cold and stayed in as much as possible. Fortunately starting to feel better. 

Not sure if it is good or bad I caught the cold on a weekend.  I really hate “calling in sick,” but have decided I need to do that, certainly anytime I may spread a germ to someone else.  

One thing about feeling even slightly sick is that you realize how good you felt when are feeling well, which fortunately is most of the time.  

I started reading a good novel, not sure if I would have read it if I had been feeling better, since I probably would have decided to use my time in another way.  Anyway, I am hooked now and will finish it.  

I really never know anymore what type of novel or non-fiction I will enjoy.  I used to hate stopping a book, now I probably tend to give up too soon.  

The one I am reading now is kind of a mystery, although it is more than that.  

Thanksgiving this week, which means I have Thursday and Friday off.  Hopefully I will be well so I can enjoy the Holiday end not have to use the time to recover!  Actually I feel fairly well right now, with occasional coughing.  

I think one thought I always have when I get sick, have to spend time calling about health insurance or a problem , etc., is I hate to use the time on this.  

We have learned that many medical supply companies are literally thieves and we will certainly never (and strongly recommend no one) allow a company to talk you into “automatic ordering” or giving a credit card “just for deductibles”.  

You may as well open your house to a thief and invite them to come in and rip you off, because they will do it.  It is a scam with the insurance companies participating in it. 

We have learned to never authorize “automatic payments” to a credit card (the credit card will refuse to back you for a fraudulent charge, no matter what they tell you about “no liability for fraudulent charges”.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 26, 2019.  

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