2019 Fall November 27 Wesnesday

34 degrees this morning, feels like 24, 70% humidity 

Weather yesterday started out to be beautiful, but suddenly changed about 5 p.m. as the wind came up and the temperature dropped. Not pleasant at all, the wind just make the cold pierce though.  

Spent yesterday as an “office day” so I wouldn’t infect anyone or make my cold worse.

Went to what they call a “Convenient Care” medical facility last night for my cold.  Basically  you can see a medical person who can handle minor colds , etc.  We have found it to indeed be “convenient” and very helpful.  

Hopefully some of the medicine will assist in recovering from my cold.  

I will be ready!  I am very tired of being sick, of sleeping all the time, coughing , etc.  

Got another scam call purporting to be from “Apple Support”.  I understand there are some e-mails also  that if you closely look you could find it wasn’t from Apple Support.  

I have started assuming every e-mail or phone call I get is a scam, until it is proved different.   

The calls from the persons purporting to be from the FBI (or whatever) are so bad they are almost funny, but unfortunately  they have scammed persons out of a lot of money.  

Today is the last day before a four day holiday.  Sometimes today feels like Friday, other times it just seems like a fast work week!

Signing off early today, get some extra sleep to help me get over this cold!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 27

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