2019 November 29 Friday

42 Degrees this morning, 98% humidity, showers

Yesterday cold and rainy all day, weather-wise a miserable day.  

However it was good day as far a day goes as we had a family Thanksgiving Dinner with good food, good people and good conversation!  Overall an excellent day in that sense.  

I continue to feel much better, although I’m probably at about 75%.  I woke with a “frog in my throat from coughing, but I felt so much better and don’t have any of the other symptoms.  

Anyway, I am ready for my normal life to resume, I am tired of feeling sick. I realize it’s not always my decision, but I’ll do my best.

Great feeling to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and new 3 more days of Holiday/weekends.  I never have a problem filling the time, although sometimes there are so many possibilities it is hard to make a decision!  Other times the decisions just happen.

I did note the numerous “Black Friday deals,” mainly the ones dealing with devices , etc. It made the new 10.9” iPad that I had already decided was best for me very tempting, except that if I really don’t need it, it really isn’t a savings. 

Probably I won’t get one before the next upgrade anyway, although of course my iPad could go out tomorrow.

Waiting on the MacBook Air cost me about $70 (the difference in trade in values), but it was good insurance against  buying a computer that was obsolete in 3 months.  

Actually, my old MacBook Air, according to an after market Apple repair place would have cost almost $700 to repair, which I kind of question, but it definitely made the decision.  (the “o” key had stuck).

It was excellent as far as the body and screen , etc., which I assume was all they cared about since they gut them and rebuild them.  (Or it may have just been a discount and they recycle it.  The new MacBook Air is recycled aluminum).  

I really debated buying an “iPad Pro” with a keyboard that would have given me the best of both worlds (basically the power I need with  touch screen), but I was a little concerned I wasn’t quite ready to go that route.  

I also considered the MacBook Pro, but that seemed a lot more than I needed, plus I really like the MacBook Pro, but I liked the size of the Air and I don’t really need the power of the Pro.  

I was a little disappointed in the number of connections, but I couldn’t remember the last time I used them!  

As far as other “Black Friday” items, I really don’t need anything that I could save enough to really make it worth while to get out in the crowds.  

I am trying to avoid buying anything I may not need, think I might need but know I won’t use immediately or that is a hassle to own due to size or maintenance!  (other than electronic devices of course)!

I do desperately need an office chair, but Black Friday isn’t probably the best time to look for them!  Or this weekend for that matter.  

Today is my Granddaughter Kali’s 20th Birthday.  How time does fly! 

Hope all had a nice Thanksgiving, Christmas is only 3 weeks away and 2020 is only 4 weeks away!

That’s it for now, Friday, November 29, 2019.  

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