2019 Fall November 30 Saturday

48 degrees this morning, 97% humidity.  

Yesterday was a continuation of miserable wind and cold.  Since my cold was still somewhat present that didn’t really affect me too much, since I stayed inside most of the day.  

Had a nice brief visit with a relative who was coming through.

Sun is supposed to return today, although along with high winds.  Supposed to get into the 70’s, I can take the wind.  


Been reading about “tips” lately and how the request for “tips” has exploded.  It does seem strange to see “tip jars” in retail stores that don’t provide any services other than handing you something and owners asking  for tips instead of just charging fair prices, when the only “service” is the normal sales transaction.  

I have read both sides from a writer who argued you should always tip at least 20% or more, as nothing else as a “transfer of resources” (not quite sure if I understand that) and that tips no longer relate to service (obvious), to the concept that the tipping system is a rip-off, extortion and just an added tax that is unannounced.  

Of course, I don’t mind helping the workers, but I wander why the millionaire owners of a business can’t pay their employees enough that they need to get tips.  I see a “merger” where billions of dollars are paid and then the workers can’t be paid decently.  

Apparently there is a trend to view the subtle and unsubtle demands for tips as basically extortion or an unannounced fee or tax that is added.  

I continue to tip, I normally don’t resent it, as long as it is related in some way to a service. 

I think I just consider it be a system that has developed that probably should be changed (owners should pay reasonable wages and not expect customers to support their wages, the tips should be additional)

I know the current law allows servers who “normally” receive tips to receive actual salaries of as low as  $2.00 or so as long as it is supplemented by tips to at least the minimum wage.  Of course, in my experience I know some businesses neglect to pay the difference if tips don’t bring the “salaries” up to the minimum wage.  

I deeply resent any business that “keeps” any tips received by workers and try to never shop or eat there if it is proven that they keep “excess” tips.  That is sheer robbery.  

That is one reason I hate to put tips on my credit card, but I have to assume the tips do go to the workers. 


I assume such a system will always be unfair to someone.

Aliene is going though the seasonal change to decorating for Christmas in the house.  Depending on the weather, we will put out some outside decorations.  Not much, just enough to recognize and celebrate the season.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 30, 2019.  

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