2019 Fall December 1 Sunday

35 degrees this morning, (feels like 25),  52% humidity, wind 20 mph.

Yesterday was generally a reasonably good day.  Still coughing some, so I had to stay in or at least minimize going outside.  I feel a lot better, just have a nagging cough, and I apparently pulled a muscle that hurts when I cough.  Otherwise I feel fine.  

December 1, 2019, the last month.  I thought the year would fly when it started, and it definitely has.  

Thinking of “tips,” again I have nothing against tips as such, I just don’t like the unfairness of the system and “automatic tips”.  (Just raise the price and pay them decently! 

I have read that many customers  almost demand to tip if a business tried  to have a “tip-less” environment.  This happened at Starbucks, Uber , etc.  

I also had a story on tipping that said only about 30% of the riders tip the Uber driver anything and even more don’t tip  in a gift store or restaurant where there is no service as such, but the credit card has a space for it.  

Read today that if you get a ticket for “texting while driving,” your auto insurance will go up at least 20% and up to 50% in some states.  

Like many traffic violations, the ticket is only the beginning of the cost.  However, I have to wonder why the insurance company is the enforcing party.  If insurance companies are going to raise your rates like that, they should be giving warnings, not running ads that don’t make any sense.  

I have to agree that texting while driving is extremely dangerous and probably should be vigorously enforced.   I have seen many stories of serious accidents/deaths , etc., caused by texting.  

It seems they should be publicizing better what the consequences will be for texting while driving, at least the insurance costs and the ticket  

The organization I work for absolutely prohibits me from using my phone for any purpose (other than navigation , etc.) while driving and I do strictly follow that rule.  I no longer even make “handless” calls although I really like the idea of how much time I could save. 

We have noticed the crude and stupid ads by insurance companies (almost all of them).  One is something about a guy stealing a car, and I just saw one where a driver make a joke about a rear end collision.  What in the world are they thinking? The ads aren’t funny and appear to show how thoughtless the insurance company is in their thinking.  As I mentioned before, if they are going to jack up your rates for violations, they should be warning you of that.  

One of the guilty insurance companies is State Farm and the other is Allstate.  In my opinion, they need to be more responsible.  In fact, I probably need to e-mail the company involved.  I don’t remember the name of the other insurance company that runs the stupid ads, I’ll make a note next time I see it.  

I happened to read about “robot underwear” tonight.  More on that later.

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 1, 2019.

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