2019 Fall December 2 Monday

31 Degrees this morning, 75% humidity 

Yesterday was cold and windy, one of those days when the wind makes everything miserable, regardless of the actual temperature

Feeling a lot better, still have  a nagging cough, so I’m not able to start exercising yet.  Worse is the pain that I get in my side when I cough, which is a real irritant, but I will be better soon. 

Today marks 5 years and 5 month since we have moved into the area and 5 years and 3 months before I started my current job.  

I had no idea it would turn out the way it has.  In a way, it has just gone by.

Pondering a pair of moccasin shoes that I primarily wear inside during the winter. I have had them over 37 years now, so each winter is another unexpected gift.  I have been watching for something that is even close to being as comfortable, not sure if I’ll ever find anything.  

If I recall correctly, I paid $10 at a “super discount” store for them and they had a “list price”  (highly unlikely) of over $200.  This was 37 years ago.  

However as each year goes by, I tend to believe they probably are very high quality shoes, Of course they are red!  Probably that wouldn’t be a problem today, but back then, it wasn’t a popular color for shoes.  

Actually, they would have been worth every penny of their “list price” considering how long they have tasted and how comfortable they are.  

I was thinking about how long I have had some items, and it is rather amazing.  I have some jeans I’ve had since 1985 and I’m sure some shirts and shoes as long or longer than that.  

I read about “robot assisted” underwear yesterday and read some more today after it made me curious about it.  

It isn’t like the “exoskeleton” I mentioned several months or so ago.  An “exoskeleton,,” etc., is primarily used in a work conditions and is normally used as an exterior to increase weight lifting  capacity or prevent injuries  for extensive motions.  

The “robot assisted” underwear (or power underwear) basically has assistive devices that works with your muscles , etc., to keep you from getting tired or hurting your muscles.  It also can help you work longer , etc.    Apparently he primary market is older people and it does appear to help avoid the aches and pains involved.  

There are regular newsletters on this, I expect it will be a growing trend.  It will be interesting to see what happens with this product.  I assume they will need to control the use of it by athletics , etc.  

I try to imagine how they work. They are starting to incorporate IA type feedback , etc.  It will be interesting to see where it goes.  

Just watching a 60 minutes show about “You-Tube”.  As I have mentioned before, I can’t stand to watch videos, so I don’t understand the attraction of videos.  I don’t even like to watch short news videos, much less a video about a cat or a dog or whatever.  That is one area where I don’t piddle the time away.

That’s it for now, Monday, December 2, 2019.

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