2019 Fall December 5 Wednesday

56 Degrees this morning, 45% humidity 

Yesterday started off cool again, but turned out to be a beautiful day, except that the sun didn’t shine that much.  

Feeling better, which is good that I am feeling a little better every day.  Hopefully I a start exercising soon, but I don’t want to start too soon. 

Recently I have been getting some creepy texts’ and even a call from someone who apparently doesn’t realize (I hope) that somewhat else has had my cell number.  I have been blocking all of the texts and any calls, I figure eventually I will have all of them blocked!

What would be worse is that someone is playing a scam and expects me to respond, either with “it’s not me” or “stop” and give them an in of some sort?  

I figure someone who had my number before me may have responded to the wrong message, it is hard to say.  They are a little creepy. 

Similar to that is the “neighbor number” texts , etc.  I just ignore them, figuring someone has too much time on their hands to worry about who had the next digit up or down.  Again, I block their number.  

Along with that are the idiots who “spoof” your exchange number (the middle three of the  xxx-xxx-xxxx) and then try to steal your credit card numbers. 

The “FBI” scam is almost funny, the artificial voice etc, except that some people are taken in by it. 

What I really like is when someone calls me and tells me my “PC” is showing signs of a bug or  whatever, since I have no PC’s in the house.  I don’t bother to answer the phone any  more, but I used to laugh and tell them I didn’t even have a PC before I blocked the number.  

Of course now I’ve been getting calls from “Apple Support”, like Apply would call me without me requesting a call! 

Anyway, in the event we answer the phone, I refuse to give any medical information (They start off with “where does you back hurt, or something to that effect), donate anything, or even answer questions.  

Too bad it has come to that, but I don’t have the time to deal with them and certainly will not donate to anything based on a phone call.

I have a hard time believing I wrote  this entire posts on phone scams (I didn’t even get into e-mail scams or door-to-door scams!

I guess that shows how much you have to protect yourself agains scammers and crooks.  

If course I can remember reading the scam ads in the local newspaper when I was a kid (normally the classifieds, touting  “work at home,” get rick quick schemes or whatever.  The world may change but many people don’t.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 5, 2019.

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