2019 Fall December 6 Friday

45 degrees this morning, feels like 38.  Humidity 73%, wind 16 mph

Beautiful day yesterday, a little cool as will always be in this time of year.  I’m sure the “cold’ weather is coming. 

Feeling better, still not close to 100%, kind of  slogging along, continued coughing.  

Yesterday I observed some “coincidences” which really could not be a coincidence, or at least highly unlikely. 

I wasn’t directly involved and I can’t really go into detail on exactly what happened, but it was one of those times that “bad news” isn’t necessarily bad and you have to wonder how it happened so that what happened was “good news” instead of bad news. 

Since I can’t go into detail it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the concept of you never know when something is “bad” or “good” is there.  

Friday already, the week went fast after all!  

I noted a picture pop up on Facebook the other day (one of those ones that asked if you want to shareI) and I noted it had been 8 years since the picture was posted.  

I was actually pleased that “8 years” had passed, since it seemed like it had been much longer than that!  I was glad that 8 years is still a long time.  

I think as I get older, I certainly get much more aware of time.  I know somehow 23 years seem to have flown by in the big picture, but there are many smaller episodes that actually make up your life.  

The fleeting years is one reason I decided years ago to “experience” the present, whether good or bad.  That is what life is about, the daily experiences along with the occasional landmark events.  

Hopefully I can get back to exercise again soon.  I never realize how much of an important part of the day it is, until I have to miss it.  However, right now, there is just no way I can exercise.  I might try the treadmill or stationary bike soon and kind of ease my way back into it.  

I hate to have access to a swimming pool and then not be able to use it! 

Celebrating several birthdays this weekend, that is what really makes the time seem to go fast! Children grow up so fast. 

That’s it for now Friday, December 6, 2019.  

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