2019 Fall December 7 Saturday

29  Degrees this morning, 83% humidity 

Yesterday was cold and windy in the morning, wind settled down as the day went on.  

I am ready for the weekend, glad it is Saturday.  

I have given up on learning any in depth Spanish before our vacation.  Unfortunately I need to speak it to learn it and I can’t talk a lot because I cough, so I can’t practice it.  I’ll keep it as a long term project.  

I realize I would never (at least for a while) get to the point I could deal in Spanish all that well, but I was hoping I would at least be able to speak it slowly and somewhat understand when I hear it

The vacation that seemed so far off now is almost here.  I a concentrating on getting well before we leave.  

Trying to decide on any last minute tours , etc.  I really do like to keep the time flexible so we have time to just experience the area also.  However, I also want to be able to see what we want to see and maybe see something we didn’t know we would want to see.

It is always interesting to imagine what a new place will look like and then see how reality meets with your imagination.  Almost never even close, even when I see pictures , etc. 

Also, what is strange after I am at the place (and especially afterwards), I can never remember what I imagined it would look like before I visited, no matter how hard I try to remember.  

Sometimes I wish we would take a picture of what our mind was thinking so we could remember the images of the place before we actually visited it.  Not very likely that will happen, although you never know.  

The same thing happens when you talk with someone over the phone (or even by e-mail) and then you meet them.  While occasionally they look just like what you thought, normally  there is a substantial difference.  

I wonder what cues , etc. I watch for when I develop an image of a person or place! I am sure  that there are plenty of subconscious indications that help me develop a preliminary image.

Too bad I’m not a better painter, I could paint a picture of what I image a place experience or person as.

I would be fun to try to write out the descriptions, perhaps work on my descriptive writing!

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 7, 2019.  



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