2019 Fall December 8 Sunday

50 Degrees this morning, 67% humidity, wind 15 mph

Yesterday started off extremely cold, some wind but quickly became an overall nice day,  a little cool.  High of 60 degrees.

Still not able to exercise yet, any exercise or usually even cold weather starts me coughing again. Still, it Is getting a little better each day.  

Since I frequently get better when I am out of the area I live in the Doctor half-seriously suggested I decide how I can get away occasionally  in an affordable  way  The last time, I was away for about 5 days and didn’t cough for about 3 weeks.  Not a bad ratio. 

Now I can understand why my Dad wanted to get to Arizona so bad.  I remember the first time he went there he thought he was in heaven and didn’t want to come back.  (If I remember that correctly)  

Starting detailed research for our winter vacation (I call it the “first” Winter vacation, hoping we have two vacations this Winter and Spring!).  Looking up restaurants, places to see, events , etc.  

I just need to realize how little time we are actually going to have when you consider “tours” , etc.  A large part of a vacation is having discretionary time to do with as you want.  

That is one reason I don’t sign up for a lot of “tours” that severely restrict how we use our time, I prefer to have some flexibility.  Nothing like vacation seeming like work with a bunch of “have too’s”!

Went the “Mac Skills session last.  It was good and cleared up a few issues I was having. 

As usual, the priorly problem isn’t the session itself, it is being able to follow up on the session and really “learn” by actually using the product for actions I need to use it for.  

At this point it is a matter of where I can go for assistance. Frequently the sessions are good  because they let me know what is possible,  Then is is up to me to figure our how I can use the computer (or iPhone or whatever) for what I can use it for.  

I know in one case I took a course in network computing, and it was about six years before I was in a situation where I needed  the information. I really didn’t understand much about the course except for the concept since it was so far out of my background information.

Even then of course, I didn’t remember any extensive details other than the general concept.  But  that is what I needed to remember.  

Actually a chance remark by one the employees jogged my memory about the program and what it was supposed to do.  It made the class worth every penny and then some.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 8, 2019

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