2019 Fall December 9 Monday

42 degrees this morning, 89% humidity

Overall nice day yesterday, wind high at various times making it cold.

Stationary bicycle this morning, about 30 minutes.  Felt good to do some exercise, can’t wait to get back to swimming and walking again.  

Feeling much better, unfortunately I developed some side and abdomen pains.  At first it was just when I coughed, but Saturday it suddenly became all the time.  Just to be safe I went to “Convenient Care” and was checked out.  They advised they thought it was just “pulled” and to put ice on it and take Tylenol.  

Still, it made kind of a strange day to avoid lifting , etc.  Means I can’t lift weights for a while now also. 

I was surprised (or perhaps appalled) to get a “Christmas Card” from our newspaper deliverer, as kind of a request for a “Christmas Tip”.  Probably for the first Christmas ever, there is no way I am going to give a “tip” to someone who can’t get the newspaper here until 9;30 or so.  Actually, most week days now, it is around 7:45 am, much later than the 6:00 a.m. promised and the 5:00 a.m. I had come to expect. 

I realize it is probably not their fault, it is the newspaper not hiring enough delivery people for whatever reasons, but that doesn’t change that it is unacceptable service. 

I recently read a comment by a newspaper (the Wall Street Journal of course) saying that if you felt it was acceptable for Bloomberg to spend millions on his own campaign, you would have to approve of the “Citizens” decision allows cowering cowards to spend anonymous funds to publicize lies and misleading information and make libelous attacks on individuals.  

Actually the last part (cowering cowards to spend anonymous funds to publicize lies and misleading information) is my comment of course.  

It is very hard to believe the cowards are allowed to use “a social service” organization to spread lies and scum attacks on people anonymously.  There is something unAmerican about it.  

I expect rather than “‘dark money” it is “laundered money” from illegal activities and bribes.  

For it to be “legal” for anonymous coward attacks on people  should be illegal.  Hopefully someone will sue them for libel and expose the cowards for the cowering criminals they are.  

It is also a real shame that some two-bit party hack from Kentucky can stop important legislation (at least from being considered) and plays such a role in the appointment of incompetent  paid-off political hacks for Judges.  The system has to change.

That’s it for now, Monday, December 9, 2019.

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