2019 Fall December 12 Thursday

 43 degrees this morning, feels like 35, 60%  humidity, wind 16 mph

Overall not a bad day yesterday, cold (54 degrees high), but them anything under 74 or so seems too cold for me.  

Slowly feeling better, very little coughing today, although it comes in spurts.  Thank goodness the rib cartridge seems to be healing faster than “weeks,” although you never know.  

I have gone through extensive periods of not exercising before, especially in the winter, primarily due to the coughing problem.  I guess in the back of my mind I wonder when it will be a permanent change.  

It really shouldn’t be for years yet (that I have to permanently stop exercising).  Hopefully that won’t happen. 

My strategy now is to try to find a time when I can do my exercises each day, or even several times per week so I can stay in shape until I retire.  Who knows when that may be.  

I have now heard seven  different performers sing “Santa Baby”.  Some of the modern ones use “1954 convertible,” some use something else (I haven’t figured out what yet).  

Two more weeks of Christmas music and then it will be over for another year.  For some reason December seems to have gone very slow this year, although it is only December 12.  I thought this week would be slow, but it is already Thursday.  

Actually, I think the reason it seems so slow is I equate December with the start of Winter.  While that isn’t something I look forward too, except I have to get through Winter to get back to Spring and Summer, it is a landmark.  Even though it is the start of Winter, it also signifies the end of Winter is coming.  

In a manner of speaking, it can’t end until it starts!

Had a “dirty Santa” (they didn’t call it that) event the other day?  It reminded me of what it will be like to “downsize” when the time arrives.   A lot of cute “stuff,” but I found myself wondering what I would do with it.

Reminded my of the advice to “buy experiences” and “buy time” instead of buying items you don’t need! Once you have an item, it can own you instead of you owning it!  

Hopefully the need to “downsize” will be a long ways off, although we may decide to voluntarily “downsize,” since it is always so difficult to find someone to repair or maintain the house.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 12, 2019

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